Branded Podcast Secrets

Branded Podcast Secrets

Hosted by: Erin Gregor

Are you curious how to best utilize podcasts to build your brand? Then join us every Thursday as we talk to business owners of all industries and sizes to discuss how they've used podcasts to grow and enhance their...

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How Podcasts Became A Company's #1 Lead Generator

Episode #5

When she was falling behind on her own blog posts, she felt there had to be a better way to get content out to her audience. Amy’s podcast evolved from a solo show to interviewing guests that her audience would find...
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Utilizing Podcasts To Build Business Relationships

Episode #4

Harrison Tanner Baron thought podcasting would be a great way to connect with inspiring people. Little did he know how much it would impact his business! In this episode of Branded Podcast Secrets, Harrison shares...
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Building His Real Estate Empire With Podcasts

Episode #3

We all know real estate agents are looking for opportunities to buy and sell houses. However, there's another side to the business which is hiring and training other real estate agents to help build a bigger...
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Podcasts, Radio, Networks, Oh My!

Episode #1

The word 'podcast' has been lumped with many other mediums, and it can be confusing to know where the best place to put your audio and video content is. In this episode of Branded Podcast Secrets, you'll hear from...
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Utilizing Podcasts To Connect Members

Episode #2

Using a podcast to connect your community? That's why I'm so excited for this episode because that's exactly how Ryan Adam is using podcasts for his CrossFit gym. The NFX Way was developed as a way to highlight...
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Welcome to Branded Podcast Secrets

Welcome to Branded Podcast Secrets! This is the podcast where business owners can learn how other businesses in all shapes and sizes are utilizing this medium to build and grow their businesses. Learn about strategy,...
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