How Cyber Stalking Someone For Five Years Paid Off

I admit it, I watched someone's career for five years, and finally reached out to him to be on my show.  I talk all about the experience here, and how it left me just a little invisible.

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21 *Bonus Podcast* My Lessons Learned From Launching My Very First Course

My first course is in session, and I’m alive, well, and actually have students to teach.  I can’t tell you the relief to step into this crazy uncomfortable place.  However, I’m here to stand and tell you the lessons I learned and that YOU can do this too!  Here are some of the top lessons I learned:

  1. Start Before You’re Ready – You can wait until you’re perfect.  You can’t wait until every single detail is absolutely perfect.  You just have to start and get it up even before you’re ready (because guess what, you’re never going to be ready.
  2. Make yourself uncomfortable – This discomfort will make massive differences in your business and in your life.  When I noticed people were clicking on my links, I may or may not have freaked out (okay, I FREAKED out).  However, I stood back up and turned my Facebook ad back on, and well the rest is history.
  3. Push through the unknown – You will...
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