[Branded Podcast Secrets] A Non Traditional Way to Use Podcasts To Grow Her Business

In this episode I'm visited by friend, Brooklyn Calloway, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. Brooklyn has many different businesses, but one way she helps to bring all of her businesses to one is through her Facebook Group. And in that group is where she hosts her podcast, 'The Guts To Fail'.

Brooklyn shares how this non-traditional route has helped bring her business, even several thousand in just one day. She shares her marketing tactics with us, and tells us what's next for this podcast doing big things for her and all of her businesses.

If you're interested in learning more about Brooklyn's Facebook Group, visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/690330831159053

If you're interested in starting your own branded podcast, feel free to set up a 1:1 Consultation with me here: https://calendly.com/erin-gregor/podcasting_consult_30

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[Branded Podcast Secrets] Utilizing Podcasts In the Energy Vertical With Raj Daniels

We often think of podcasts for the standard business like coaches, consultants, etc, but there's a lot of opportunity for companies to take on podcasting for business development, especially when they have someone working for them who is excited to take the reins.

Nexus PMG's Raj Daniels did just that as he started the podcast Bigger Than Us for his company. Raj is no stranger to taking initiative as he ran his own startup, and has been heavily involved in the DFW Startup community for several years.

Raj shares his journey in starting the podcast, how he had to shift during the pandemic, and why his company is so excited about the results they're seeing from this content marketing strategy.

To listen to Raj's podcast, visit: https://nexuspmg.com/introduction-to-bigger-than-us/

If you're interested in starting your own branded podcast, feel free to set up a 1:1 Consultation with me here: https://calendly.com/erin-gregor/podcasting_consult_30



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[Branded Podcast Secrets] How Podcasts Became A Company's #1 Lead Generator

When she was falling behind on her own blog posts, she felt there had to be a better way to get content out to her audience.

Amy’s podcast evolved from a solo show to interviewing guests that her audience would find interesting, and since then it’s become her #1 generator of leads. Through her evolution, she’s found a desire to just be herself, and has allowed herself to dig deeper into her work and finding the content that resonates the most with her audience.

How is she monetizing? She’s running her own ads to her business, creating specific downloads, and encouraging people to schedule calls.

If you’d like to listen to Amy’s podcast, visit: https://austinmarketingoncall.com/blog/

To learn more about her business, visit: AmyAustinMarketing.com

If you're interested in starting your own branded podcast, feel free to set up a 1:1 Consultation with me here: https://calendly.com/erin-gregor/podcasting_consult_30

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[Branded Podcast Secrets] Building Business Relationships With Podcasts

Harrison Tanner Baron thought podcasting would be a great way to connect with inspiring people. Little did he know how much it would impact his business! In this episode of Branded Podcast Secrets, Harrison shares what he's loved most about podcasting for his business, how COVID changed a lot, but how he managed to pivot, and how his podcast is one of his #1 drivers for new business.

To learn more about Harrison's business, visit: Growth Generators.

Ready to start your own podcast?  Whether you want to do it yourself or have someone do it for you, schedule your free initial consult with Erin - https://calendly.com/erin-gregor/podcasting_consult_30.

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[Branded Podcast Secrets] Building His Real Estate Empire With Podcasts

We all know real estate agents are looking for opportunities to buy and sell houses. However, there's another side to the business which is hiring and training other real estate agents to help build a bigger empire. When Nick Good and his two friends started recording their every day conversations about real estate, at first it was simply just to help get the information out to the masses. However, what they discovered, that it was the perfect way to start attracting up and coming agents to their team. Now with a podcast with over 100 episodes, Nick and his co-hosts have attracted some of the biggest names in the industry, and have watched their empire soar.
You can find their podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-only-real-estate-podcast-worth/id1453745788.                                                         ...
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[Branded Podcast Secrets] Utilizing Podcasts To Connect Members


Using a podcast to connect your community? That's why I'm so excited for this episode because that's exactly how Ryan Adam is using podcasts for his CrossFit gym. The NFX Way was developed as a way to highlight coaches and members to keep the entire community connected in everything that was happening.
Ryan went from a novice podcaster to tackling some of the biggest issues that were not only affecting the CrossFit community but the world. You can listen to Ryan's podcast on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/show/5wJMSLs...
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[Branded Podcast Secrets] Podcasts, Radio, Networks, Oh My!



The word 'podcast' has been lumped with many other mediums, and it can be confusing to know where the best place to put your audio and video content is.

In this episode of Branded Podcast Secrets, you'll hear from Scott Miller, CEO of Center Post Media. Scott's podcast is called: Create, Build, and Manage, and he helps clients with their content and more importantly the strategy behind the distribution.

In this episode, we discussed what it takes to have your content be found on places like Roku, what Scott is doing to market his own podcast, other strategies he's using to get the name out on his podcast, plus so much more.

To learn more about Scott, visit: www.CenPost.com

If you're interested in starting your own branded podcast, feel free to set up a 1:1 Consultation with me here: https://calendly.com/erin-gregor/podcasting_consult_30

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Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday - The Business Process Challenge


When it comes to growing a business, one true test to see if you're really there is to ask yourself if you can leave for a few days without everything falling apart.

I don't care if you intend to build an empire of thousands of employees, or just to have one contractor, you need to develop and implement processes in your business in order for it to provide any freedom for you.

And in this video, I'm issuing a challenge to find four areas of your business where you begin to look at it and think differently!

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[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] How To Build Confidence As An Entrepreneur

So many entrepreneurs know what they're supposed to, but actually doing it is entirely another story. How do you get the courage to move forward and actually feel confident? Well, the answer might be a little more basic than you think.

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[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] How To Find a Mentor

We hear all the time that as entrepreneurs we're supposed to find a mentor.

Well, it's one of those things that is easier said than done, and something I get questions about constantly.

There's one thing that I talk about that is EXTREMELY important when it comes to finding a mentor and what they'll be looking for you to do before working with them. You'll need to watch to find out what that is!

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