29 - Tip Tuesday - Trademarks with Tamsen Horton

podcast | Nov 30, 2017

I'm not sure if you're anything like me, but I have always found Trademarks a giant mystery.  I was never sure if you should do it when immediately starting your business, or if you should wait until it hits a certain threshold.  I also once tried to do the Trademark process on my own, and well, overwhelmed, is a complete understatement.  Tamsen Horton of Vujà Dé Law came for a visit again to break down trademarks, and she gave us some great information.

What does a trademark actually do for us? Trademark is the legal process that helps consumers identify the source of the goods. At its core, it is the tool that helps consumers know exactly where the product came from.

A trademark is different from a patent. Patents are when you are protecting the idea and how something works. This is also different from Copyright, which is more of music, lyrics and things that we create.

When should we approach the trademarking process? This process should...

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28 - Lisa Jones Tells Us How They Have Made Luxury Dog Hotels a Booming Business

business strategy | Nov 30, 2017

Lisa was lucky enough to become employee #1 for a doggy day care facility in Atlanta, GA, back in 1999.  She made sure that outside of just working there, that she took it upon herself to really learn the business.   She met her now husband, and after the business exploded, they were offered an opportunity to move to Austin.  After they built that facility to a point of turning away business, they helped build a second facility in Dallas.

They were then given the opportunity to buy the two facilities, they worked so hard to build.  After securing a loan, they proudly became business owners.

What was the one thing that was a big switch for them going from just managing to actually owning?  The financial mindset definitely changes when you go from just managing to owning, and understanding now everything really does fall on your shoulders. 

How do they make the employee relationship work?  Lisa has had her managers for her facilities stay 11...

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How Do You Know What You're Passionate About?

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

I get asked this a lot.  We're all told to live and do in life what we're passionate about, but what does that really mean?  So many of us have become so numb to our true calling and feelings because we're so busy making a living, that this answer becomes harder and harder to find, the older we get.  

It took me a while, but I finally got to that answer.  Before I spill those beans, I want to give you a little insight into my life, and give you some of the best advice I ever received.

In my early 30's I had a successful business, and I loved the building aspect of it, but I was burned out.  I also had a marriage that I never should have entered into, that was falling apart.  To say I was a bit lost of who I was, is a complete understatement.

My ex was in the psychology field, and he told me, as we were nearing the end that he was fixed.  He had done what all he could to better himself.  He went on to say if our marriage was going to survive...

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27 - Tip Tuesday - The Top 10 Apps for Business with Rey Brown of Smartphones Made Easy

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

Rey Brown is the smart phone guy.   He’s all about helping us figure out how to optimize our smartphones and tablets for business.

Refresh – It’s only available for Apple products.  The app syncs with your calendar on your phone.   And then it takes all of your information from social media and gives people ideas around what a particular person has as interests (and to help you try to find common ground). 

Google Now – Every Android phone has this on it (if you bought yours within the last 2 or 3 years).  It will sync with your appointments, and let you know based on current traffic, how long it’s going to take you and remind you when you need to leave so you'll get there on time.  

RSS Feed – (Really Simple Syndication) – You can take all the blogs that you like and put them all in one place.  It’s one source for all of your important news sources, and you can break them out into different...

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26 - Shannon Kaiser of Play With The World Shares Her Journey From Clinical Depression To Living the Life of Her Dreams

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

I never love to see anyone hurting.  However, nothing makes my heart happier than to see someone take an extremely dark moment in their life and use it to completely turn things around.  That’s exactly what Shannon Kaiser of Play With The World did after she found herself clinically depressed, addicted to drugs, and suffering from eating disorders as she worked her corporate life, trying to do what every one thought she should.

After waking up one day, listening to her inner voice to tell her to ‘follow her heart’.  She realized life really should be more, and quit her ‘day job’.  Since then she has created a life for herself traveling the world, writing and running a business. 

Um, sign me up, please! 

I was so excited to sit down with her as she shared her story of her complete 180!

One of my favorite quotes of all time, Shannon gave us on this interview ‘Nourish the Nudges.’

What does following your heart...

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23 - Google+ 101 With The Stacey Harris

podcast | Nov 30, 2017

As a person who has opened up Google+ numerous times, then walked away after completely being overwhelmed, I personally had a ton to learn during this Tip Tuesday.  The Stacey Harris joined us to break down why Google+ is so important, how you should be utilizing it, and the important areas you should concentrate on when filling out your profile and page.

Why do you need to be on Google+? ‘Because it’s a social media network backed by a search engine.’  Google Authorship, along with the search capabilities within it, are mind blowing. 

What are the terms we really need to understand in Google+?  Profiles are profiles just like they are in Facebook.  From there, you can set up a Page for your business, again, just like in Facebook.  When you connect with people instead of ‘friending’, you circle with people.  Groups like in Facebook care called Communities.  Chats, are called Hangouts in Google Plus.


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22 - Sally Hope and Her Story of College to the LA Band Scene to the Leader of the Wildheart Revolution in Montana

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

Sally Hope is a Renegade Life Coach and the leader of the Wild Heart Revolution.  It's definitely a hefty title, but she lives up to every ounce of it.

Sally experimented with her free spirit after graduating college.  While all her friends were getting internships and jobs, she decided she wanted to be in a band.  She ended up joining a band, which led to another bad in LA.  Sally ended up spending all her 20’s touring as a musician.

After realizing that she was inspiring people through her work in the band, she thought maybe she should try something else.  As she toured, she became less and less excited about the music aspect, but more inspired by being able to help and inspire others.

She got the idea to look into life coaching, and it sparked something in her to try it.  She went to school, and after a major life change, decided she could run her business from anywhere.  She got into an RV with a friend and her dog, and took off with no...

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21 *Bonus Podcast* My Lessons Learned From Launching My Very First Course

marketing | Nov 30, 2017

My first course is in session, and I’m alive, well, and actually have students to teach.  I can’t tell you the relief to step into this crazy uncomfortable place.  However, I’m here to stand and tell you the lessons I learned and that YOU can do this too!  Here are some of the top lessons I learned:

  1. Start Before You’re Ready – You can wait until you’re perfect.  You can’t wait until every single detail is absolutely perfect.  You just have to start and get it up even before you’re ready (because guess what, you’re never going to be ready.
  2. Make yourself uncomfortable – This discomfort will make massive differences in your business and in your life.  When I noticed people were clicking on my links, I may or may not have freaked out (okay, I FREAKED out).  However, I stood back up and turned my Facebook ad back on, and well the rest is history.
  3. Push through the unknown – You will...
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20 - Tip Tuesday - LinkedIn Profiles 101 with Karen Yankovich

business strategy | Nov 30, 2017

Loved, loved, loved, the info in this Tip Tuesday, as Karen Yankovich, of Karen Yankovich.com stopped by to break down why you HAVE to be on LinkedIn if you own a business.  Lots of great information and tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get the most out of this amazing social media medium.

Why should be a business owner be on LinkedIn?  Google’s algorithims rate LinkedIn very high.  Basically if anyone is ever going to do business with you, they’re going to want to know a little more about you.  You can either give them what you want them to know about you (and professionalize your profile) so they don’t have to keep on searching, or make them search more to find you (and have no idea the information they're going to find).  People are going to do their homework on you, and LinkedIn is going to come up when they do that homework.

Make them feel warm and comfortable when they go to look on doing business with you.


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19 - Marina Villatoro of the Travel Experta - How She Took Her Love of Travel and Turned It Into a B

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

While Marina was living in Costa Rica and traveling with her family, she decided it would be fun to blog about it.  It was when people were contacting her about their travels to Central America where she discovered a huge void in the travel industry: information about where to go with a family in Central America.  Marina took advantage of the situation and started her own business, helping families find more boutique hotels and packages for their entire family.

This led to an extremely niche business for Marina which has allowed her to make a living and travel to amazing places with VIP service for free.  Not a bad way to take your family to trips you would have taken anyway, all on someone else's dime.

Marina shares her story of how she got started, and how she built her business from just a blog to much more. 

How did you monetize this idea? Originally the business plan was going to be to work with the companies hotels and resorts, and then it would be based...

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