37 - Tip Tuesday - Secrets Behind a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

business strategy | Nov 30, 2017

Have you ever wanted to start a project within your business, but you didn't have the funds to get it going?  Well, a campaign on Kickstarter might be something you may want to try.  Colleen Darby did just that, and she was kind enough to share her tips and secrets to getting double her initial ask!

Colleen was turning 50 and really wanted to take a new approach to her life, and take on a dream she had always had of being a full time artist.  She decided to take 30 days off from her day job, and work towards this dream.  She was working as an artist in residence in an oncology floor, when she realized no matter how beautiful the day was outside, that the patients really only had a view of the same white walls.  That's when her idea of A Room With A View came to be.  She wanted to paint landscape views for the patients.

She did start planning her launch in March and didn't launch the Kickstarter Campaign until August.  

What were the first steps in...

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36 - Gary Leland - How He Built a Mini Empire Around One Extreme Niche

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

If you know anything about Fast Pitch Softball, then you definitely know the name Gary Leland.  He found a need when they had a hard time finding equipment when his daughters played competitively.  However, it's grown to so much more than just selling equipment.  Gary has made sure his name is attached to all things softball.  The way he built this business completely amazed me, and I wanted to bring him on to share his story.  Gary is also a pioneer in the podcasting world.  If he gets an idea for a business, he runs with it, no questions asked.  I can't say many people can honestly say they do that every time.

What is FastPitch.TV and how did it come to be? FastPitch.TV serves a very small niche; it is not just softball, its women’s softball and fast pitch women’s softball at that. FastPitch.TV puts out podcasts and books on training for women’s fast pitch softball as well as daily blog posts and video posts and a monthly...

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How Cyber Stalking Someone For Five Years Paid Off

marketing | Nov 30, 2017

I admit it, I watched someone's career for five years, and finally reached out to him to be on my show.  I talk all about the experience here, and how it left me just a little invisible.

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35 - Tip Tuesday - Becoming a Public Speaker As A Way to Market Your Business With Alicia White

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

Back of the Room Productions was the brain child of Alicia White when she saw that a multimillion dollar speaker was not getting the most out of his marketing. Alicia now provides speakers with speaker sheets, business cards, social media images, website graphics all geared to their speaker branding.

What can speaking do for your business? Alicia has learned that speaking is not only a great way to share her expertise but it also captures a greater audience. Alicia is now providing real value to people who may need her services. Speaking is a great business development tool, it gets you in front of more people, shows your expertise, and you are able to present your products or your services.

How can you get over the question of “What can I really offer?” Everyone does not know what you know even though it might seem like it. There will always be someone listening that resonates with something you are speaking on.

What are some first steps of where you should start...

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34 - Robin Kramer of Flourish and Thrive Academy

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

Flourish and Thrive Academy is the “brain child” of Tracy Matthews, Robins business partner. In 2012, after Robin started her own consulting business and Tracy closed her jewelry business of 10 years; Tracy approached Robin to start a business in which no jewelry designer would have to go through what she had to. Tracy coming from a background of owning a business and being the creative while Robin had a background in sales, marketing and branding, the two started their business. Many designers do not know how to get their business started or take it to the next level and Flourish and Thrive Academy is there to help guide them in these processes and to provide a community.

What was the first step taken to make this into a full fledge business? Robin and Tracy had an extensive amount of information and the first step was getting it out there to the public with a four week course and organizing the extensive amount of information the two of them had.

Did you work on...

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33 - Tip Tuesday - Setting Your Prices with Tina White

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

Tina started her career as a tax accountant and as she moved through her career to a tax manager she realized that many businesses needed help with prices, budgets and cash flow. 4 years ago Tina decided to start her own business in which she has helped companies with these needs.

We were lucky enough to have Tina stop by to give us 8 tips/steps to determine how to set your pricing.

8 Steps to Set Your Pricing

1. Have a Strategic Pricing Plan. When you are offering what your target audience wants it gives you the confidence to charge what it is worth. You would first dream a little bit about where your business would be: Small business or big business?

2. Identify and Measure the Value that You Provide. You do not want to have a price war. Think about the ways that you are different. Think about how you can increase your value so you can increase the price. Stop looking at the competitors and look at your value.

3. Calculate Your True Cost. Think through every single expense that...

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32 - The Single Mom Movement with Jessica Rector

podcast | Nov 30, 2017

Jessica Rector’s story is the ultimate making lemonade out of lemons.  After she found herself with an unexpected pregnancy, she not only decided to take on motherhood, but she also made it her mission to help other single moms.   Her mission is to help the moms out there who want to start making a life that they love versus just trying to get through the day. 

She joined us to share her story of this incredible business, along with telling us how she juggles a 20-month-old and a booming business.

How did ‘The Single Mom Movement’ come about? Jessica was a life coach, traveling all over the world and living life to the fullest. After becoming pregnant she thought her life was coming to an end. Being very career-focused she had no idea what to do or what her life would look like as a single mom and kept her pregnancy a secret as shame took hold of her. She ‘came out’ to the world through her blog titled ‘The Clueless...

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31 - Tip Tuesday - Instagram For Your Business With Sue B. Zimmerman

podcast | Nov 30, 2017

Sue B. Zimmerman is a successful business owner who was all about using social media to bring business into her store on Cape Cod.  After she saw her daughters using Instagram, she wanted to see how she could use this tool for her business.  Well, not only did she use it for her business, but she has spends her time traveling the world, teaching others how to utilize it for their businesses.  We were lucky enough to have her stop by and share some amazing tips on using Instagram for your business!

Can you explain how Instagram can benefit you as a business? You can communicate what you do very efficiently, by your visual story. That means sharing things about your business like new products, people who you admire, or events that you attend. You can show what you are passionate about and what your business represents.   Sue has 6 accounts because she's found that the more that you niche down what you do and what you share the more likely you are to...

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30 - Michelle L. Evans Tells Her Personal Story of How She Broke Out of Corporate America

podcast | Nov 30, 2017

Michelle always wanted to have her own business but she, like many others, didn’t know exactly how to go about that. After going to business school and learning how to get a job, not how to start a business, she worked in banking for about 4 years. Michelle knew this was not how she wanted to spend her life and just became really burnt out. At the age of 30 she just couldn’t do it anymore and took a sabbatical to Europe really seeking what she wanted in life. She came back to the states and quit her job. She began working at a dot com and really enjoyed the entrepreneur environment and then moved to Microsoft. With her first coach and the idea of figuring out her purpose and how she wanted to make a difference in the world her 180 began.

So you have this urge to look into this coaching thing and then where did you go next? During this time she was really wanting to hold onto my corporate job and really didn’t see herself as an entrepreneur but she started going...

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What Justin Timberlake Taught Me About Business

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

I'm so embarrassed to say this, but I used to brag about how my corporate job was 'so easy, I could do it in my sleep.'  Granted, there was something nagging at me, that it wasn't right, and I knew I should be doing other things.  However, I was pushing myself outside of the 40 hours I spent in corporate, and learning all about building businesses, etc.  However, I spent 40 hours of every week in just mind numbing work.  Why?  Well, it paid the bills, and it was easy.

I was watching Oprah's Master Class (Spend 10 minutes with me, and you'll soon figure out I'm an Oprah fanatic, as I refer to her shows often.  Oh, and I'm meeting her in September, but that's a whole other story for another time.)

But anyway.... I was watching her Master Class with Justin Timberlake, and he said something that completely hit home.  He never wants to do the same thing twice.  If he's done it, it's time to move on, and there's nothing more exciting for him to see...

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