69 - Joleene Moody - Another Ultimate 180 Story Who Teaches Others How To Find Their Own

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Joleene has an incredible story about deciding to make a life changing career after she was a news reporter and anchor for 10 years.  After seeing others helping people find their passions, Joleene discovered she really wanted to do more with her life.   At first she felt that she should just be really grateful for what she had.  However, at about year 9, she just thought she could do more.  She discovered that the people who were out there making a difference, didn't know anything different from her, they just went out and did it.

Joleene's first step came when she met a woman who was speaking and interviewed her to find out how she did it.  She decided to approach her and ask her an hour of her time.  Not only did she sit down with her, she gave Joleene her first speaking opportunity.

Can you describe the line of being grateful and wanting more in your career?  For Joleene it was a flip of a switch.  Joleene was talking to her landlord just...

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68 - Tip Tuesday - Video 101 for Your Business With Holly Gillen

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Holly Gillen has a very inspiring background for those trying to find what they love. Moving forward after a hurdle, Holly was lucky enough to come across her passion; videography. After working with the right people and packed with all her experience she established VideosByHolly.com and zerotovideohero.com

Holly joined us today to discuss all about Videos. Videos can be a very good way to connect with your audience. However, people have blocks and hurdles when it comes to being filmed that is it often brushed off. Holly is here to help us jump through those hurdles and embrace videos and all its perks.

What is video important, and what gives it an edge? Some people would wonder why they need do videos when they can write blogs post or podcast. Videos offer you as a whole package to the audience. They can see your face and hear your voice, and grasps your personality which allows them to easily see your expertise. Videos allows your audience to connect with your passion, so much...

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67 - Tip Tuesday - Telesummits (aka Virtual Summits) 101

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

I have to say Jason Miller is probably one of the most inspiring and uplifting guys I've ever met, and he's crazy smart to boot!  Jason's company Peaceful Media helps entrepreneurs with a slew of services from branding to websites and everything in-between.  When I found out they help with setting up telesummits, I had to bring him on.

In this episode we break down how they work, and why they can be such an incredible offering for your business.

What is a virtual summit, and how does it help build your business?  A virtual summit/telesummit is just like having experts over at your home and interviewing them.  They can tell you their best advice around a specific topic.  You then can have people listen to those interviews and expertise.  The way a virtual summit works that instead of it being in your 'home', you're doing it online.  Because of that 'venue' change the entire world can participate.  You can then have the interviews every...

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66 - The Entrepreneur Journey With Laurel Staples

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Laurel has an incredible story of final breaking free from the corporate world.  After designing color laser printers and not feeling the corporate world was for her, she spent time trying to figure out what was next.  She had always dreamed of owning her own retail store, and so that became her next step.  She saved up her money and started looking for a space, and finally found the perfect one.

She loved being an entrepreneur, and loved having the story.  However, as she got into the business, she really discovered that it wasn't the business owner side she loved so much, but the freedom that it would provide.  Even though it was a bit romantic, it didn't fit the vision that she wanted.

So how did you move from retail store to health coach?  She liked it, but realized that even though she was growing, it just wasn't in the direction she had hoped.  She found health coaching that would allow her to provide a way to share her passions...

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65 - Tip Tuesday - The Top 5 Legal Items Every Online Business Should Have with Karen Taggart

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Having an online business can be a really great way to embed your business with your lifestyle.  However, you may not realize legally what you need to do until it's too late (and you're left to just hope that you've done the right thing.).  Karen Taggart of Karen-Taggart.com joined us on this podcast to breakdown what you should have in place in order to protect yourself when it comes to running your own business.

The first thing you should have in place for your business is your privacy policy.  It's usually a link way at the bottom of your website.  You can have it as 'privacy policy' or 'legal'.  This many times can be required by many different states or countries.  They're much shorter than the terms and conditions, but they still have some specific things to each company.  You need to tell if you use cookies from your site.  California has higher standards, so it's always good practice to write yours that will meet their standards....

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64 - Streamlining, Partnerships, and Making the Best From a Tough Situation with Shelia Butler

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

When unexpected changes come, we have two options.  We can be sad about them, and let it all get the best of us, or we can stand up, dust off our knees and make something better about the experience.

Shelia Butler was pushed out of a partnership after helping to build it to a multi-million dollar business.  It was completely out of the blue, as they went from doing really well, and then wanting her out.  Shelia took the higher road and sold her part of the business.

The good side of it, is that it took her full circle to where she is today, where she helps people really streamline their business and become more profitable.  Shelia talked making the best from her experience, and all about how it led her down the path to her new business.

When it comes to partnerships, what's one thing you would have differently when getting in?  When the 'break-up' was happening, Shelia hired a lawyer.  When she saw the buy/sell agreement, she just shook her head....

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63 - Tip Tuesday - Marketing Outside of Facebook Ads With Annette Reid

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

When it comes to advertising your start-up the typical easy answers are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. However, there is a whole world outside of these two, and I had Annette Reid of Digital Insights come and talk about other options to get your name and business in front of others.

Display ads can be one of the first things you use to market your business. Big Data allows you to get really granular about who you target. All of the browser information is saved, and it’s called re-targeting. You can get very granular in who you’re targeting. It’s no longer about going after a big bucket, and you can run your ad much like a pay-per-click campaign.

You can advertise to the people who know you, and then re-target to the people who may have just gotten to know you.

This also isn’t about setting something up where you follow people only to certain websites. But you’re actually following them to any website that they go to.

What’s the average cost for...

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62 - Finding a Need and Creating an Incredible Business With Jessica Rhodes

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

It's all too often that people see opportunities, but never really do anything about them.  I love Jessica Rhode's story because as she started down a path of becoming a VA (so she could work while staying at home with her new baby), she saw a need for connecting interviewees with podcast hosts.  Instead of wishing someone would do something about it, Jessica decided she would create her own business.  

Since you now have two businesses, how do you manage the time between them?  Most of her time, probably 80%, is with Interview Connections because that's the business that has taken off.  Plus that's the business she can easily scale.   The Virtual Assistant business is great, however, she's limited to the number of people she can help.  

Even though it makes sense to possibly let her original business go, Jessica has a great business sense in understanding that hanging onto both businesses is a great way to create multiple streams of income.


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61 - Tip Tuesday - Creating Awesome Content with Jules Taggart

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Content can be one of the most paralyzing things for entrepreneurs when it comes to telling the world about you and adding value.  And as scary as this can be, it's one of the most crucial things you can do to grow your business.  In this incredible podcast we talk about how you can make your content stand out from the rest, and how you can come up with great, sharable stuff time and time again.

Jules Taggart came into content marketing when she had to find a new job after her husband moved to San Diego to go to law school.  After helping so many companies build their brands and customer base with upping their content game, she decided to jump out and do this one her own.

What's a great way to come up with content?  People come to your blog for a reason.  They want to come and learn from you for one specific topic.  Even though you feel like you're talking about the same thing, remember your readers are only seeing a portion of what you actually write....

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60 - Dr. Karen Osburn - Chiropractor, Blogger, Podcaster, and Most Important, Mom

podcast | Dec 01, 2017

So many times when we have one job, we believe it's enough.  Dr. Karen Osburn, who is a chiropractor, decided to start a blog.  When she discovered it was the parenting posts which really took off, she decided to take the blog from her business website and create a 'life' of it's own.  She found a group of mom's who loved hearing her stories and loved her honesty and vulnerability.

Her goal is to create a safe place for moms.  Where it's about not feeling shame, and to be allowed to be honest without fearing judgement.

How did you go from blog to podcast?  Dr. Osburn and her husband actually had a program where they taught families how to be healthier. When they had a harder time getting people to show up, they decided to take it online.  Their first podcast was to promote this program.  She heard another podcast where they talked about reading blog posts.  She felt she could revise the ones she had written.  She launched her podcast and...

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