77 - Diane Gardner - A Story of Making Something Amazing From Losing Almost Everything

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

The ever loved tax accountant went from big city California to small town northern Idaho, with a change that could almost bring anyone to his or her knees. Instead she found her inner mindset and is making a difference in the personal lives and those around her in the business world as well.

Diane started out owing her own accounting business in California and had the opportunity to adopt a two-year-old little girl. She sold her business and moved to Idaho so she could be a mom. With the need for income to still come into the family she was doing accounting out of her home while still juggling the mom duties of the household. However, things took another drastic change when she also became a single parent and was left to support her and her daughter alone.

At that point she had to start bringing in more business, more clients and making sure that things were taken care of for her family. She went door to door in the small northern Idaho town and gathered clients, but when 2008 hit...

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76 - Tip Tuesday - Learn How to Give Fear the Boot with Jodi Aman

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Becoming an entrepreneur can be one of the most stressful times in your life.  There's uncertainty, added stress, and a multitude of problems that you've never had to deal with before.  Yes, the rewards are coming, but there's a bit of an uphill climb until you get there.  Most of us end up feeling alone in this journey, but when you're starting to hear the doubts and starting to feel a little crazy, you're really feeling what everyone else feels.  Jodi Aman of Give Fear the Boot breaks down the signs, and what we can do to handle the anxiety as it comes.

Fear can be a funny thing as many of us don't recognize it, but it really is holding most of us back.  Everyone is so afraid to be egotistical that they don't trust themselves, and shame really is the ego that's holding you back.

There's always someone feeling this way.  You can call it different words, fear anxiety, but it's such an invisible thing.  However, everyone is walking around with it....

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[VLOG] 4 Steps to Successful Networking

vlog | Dec 01, 2017

Networking to a lot of people can be terrifying or a lot of people claim they have tried it and it just does not work for them. But networking can be one of the most powerful, incredible tools for your business.

I backed into networking.  When I started my first business, I had just move to Dallas and did not know anyone. Someone invited me to a networking event, and I had no idea what it was.  I attended the event and was blown away by the potential to meet these incredible entrepreneurs. After coming from the corporate world they were amazing to me because they were positive, upbeat and excited about what they were doing, and I loved it. It was my lunchtime to get out and make new friends in the right groups.

What I see, is people doing it wrong. They say that it doesn’t work for them but it truly can work. I got to the point where I was literally getting phone calls from people years after a specific...

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75 - Creating a Virtual Assistant Business with Lyndsay Phillips

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Virtual Assistants are all the rage in the online world.  It can allow for flexibility in a schedule, if you just want to do a couple of hours a week.  Or you can take it to another level, where you actually have others working for you, and you're working with a ton of different clients.

Lyndsay has a great story of how she wanted a little more flexibility in her life while she was raising her kids.  She knew a few people where she could do the VA thing on the side, and she realized she really enjoyed it.  She was juggling two jobs for a while.   When she decided she wanted to make this a full-time thing, she contacted one more client who she knew she could help, and then dove all in.

Since you had business experience, what were you able to leverage, and then how did you figure out where to concentrate your training?  Lyndsay is really organized and a control freak when it comes to setting up systems and files.  She's great at scheduling, plus she...

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74 - Tip Tuesday - Breaking Down the Mystery of SEO with Joe Youngblood

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a mysterious thing, but it's extremely crucial to the growth of your business.  As you're starting out, adding one more thing to think about can be daunting.  However, it's definitely a step that you don't want to miss.  Joe Youngblood, an SEO Expert and Founder of WinnerWinnerChickenDinner.co, stopped by to give some great tips on where to start, how to find out what your competitors are doing, and how to set-up a strategy where you're always staying on top.

What would you tell that beginner person on where they should begin?  The first thing Joe recommends is if your business is built around you, you need to make sure you're ranking for your name.  People typically will remember your name versus your business name, etc.  The way to do that is to build a page all about you, write a unique bio for yourself, almost like a LinkedIn Profile, and then link to that wherever you can.  Your goal is to get...

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[VLOG] What Do You Create A Business Around?

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

I get asked this question all of the time. When I was working in Corporate America it seemed to be more black and white. I didn’t understand all of the gray that was out there. Either you created a product and worked really hard to get the patent, or then you either sold the product to the public or sold the product to a company. Or you were an entrepreneur, and that meant you opened a business, and sold something there, or even a restaurant.

When I started exploring the whole entrepreneur world, I realized that there are a bazillion shades of gray on what you could do.

You do have to be passionate, but you do have to be careful about it because sometimes when you wrap a business around a passion it can take the passion from it.   I would really recommend that it is something you’re passionate about, or at least something you love.

I always say in my other videos that behind every business should be a passion and a really solid why that drives you and go with...

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73 - Steven Daar - The Mission Driven Entrepreneur

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Steven Daar graduated from college with a degree in finance and started working for an insurance company who provided investment opportunities for teachers.  When he noticed a lot of their products weren't really helping teachers because of hidden fees, etc, he decided to do something about it.

Steve saw a big opportunity to help teachers actually hang on to the money they were investing.  When he was 23, he left his job to start something where he would provide the resources for teachers to keep more money in their pockets.

Steve started this business, knowing a lot about the industry.  However, he soon discovered that he didn't have the sales and marketing skills required to make this business take off.    Instead of letting a failed business get the best of him, he took it upon himself to immerse himself into the learning the things that he didn't know.

Although, he lost money, he ended up learning a lot from understanding why people buy.


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72 - Tip Tuesday - Learn How to Run Webinars Like a Pro with Sandy Sidhu

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Webinars are definitely the it thing right now when it comes to promoting your business services.  It can be daunting trying to figure out what exactly you're going to cover, the platform to use, and everything else that's required of making one a success.  In this podcast Sandy Sidhu of Sandy Sidhu Media breaks down what it takes to plan and run a successful webinar.

What should a webinar consist of?  It's people showing up online at a specific time.  Think of it more like an online workshop.  You really want to focus it on being educational.  You really need to avoid the constant sell, and instead, build the know, like, trust factor.  Think of it as an opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader.  So even if they don't buy from you at that time, you're still giving them something to walk away from, so they may still come to you down the line.

Is it okay not to sell something on a webinar?  If you're just starting out, there...

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71 - From A Business Plan on A Menu to Opening Their Third Location with Jason Laricchia of The Birthday Suit

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

I've been following Jason's business on Instagram for a while now, and have loved watching their expansion happen.  Their story was incredible as they sat in a restaurant and started laying out the details of their first business, to, in just a few short years, embarking on their third location.  Jason came by to talk about the principles that have made them so successful and what the future holds in their business.

Having no prior experience as business owners, where did you all begin?  One of the things that helped was Stacey, his wife, had an extensive background in the beauty world she knew a lot about what it would take to run the business.  Jason had a pretty diverse background in the customer service industry, and knew how to really take care of the customer.  Jason also knew how to secure property, put together business plans, and navigate the leases.

Was your original business plan to bring on staff?  The idea was to have staff right away....

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70 - Tip Tuesday - Taking Your Own Great Photographs for Your Site with Chandra Achberger

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Images are everything when it comes to social media, and it can be expensive grabbing stock photo for every blog post and meme that you create.  With technology constantly changing, we have the tools to take great photographs our own.  In fact those tools are literally in the palm of our own hands.

Chandra Achberger of Photogher came by for this fun Tip Tuesday to give some great tips on how you can become your own stock photo center for your websites, simply by using what you already have.

Chandra first became obsessed with photography when her husband bought a great DSLR camera before the birth of her second child.  She started learning more about it through teaching herself and practice, and quickly she began taking amazing pictures not just of her family, but also of products through her skin care line.

What are some tips from using a just a standard camera to make the lighting look great?  Chandra suggests that before you worry about...

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