86 - Tip Tuesday - Email Marketing With Brittany Becher

marketing | Dec 02, 2017

Sometimes our paths come to be by total accident but in the end they are worthwhile and come to be very useful. The journey that Brittany has taken with e-mail marketing and becoming a certified partner with Infusionsoft has proven to be just that. Learning the ins and outs of a software that can present itself as being difficult to use and understand.  She will share ways that she has found to make it work for her and her clients that will allow you to make a very educated decision about what your next steps will be within your business and e-mail marketing strategies. Even if you are not an Infusionsoft user Brittany’s story, tips and advice can lead you in a direction for your business and how to market your business with e-mail marketing.

Tell us about becoming an Infusionsoft parter and all things e-mail marketing. The path to using Infusionsoft happened a bit on accident. She started working for a small business that basically handed her the login information to...

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85 - Finding a Passion By Following an Interest With Joanie Connell

starting a business | Dec 02, 2017

Starting out a career in the engineering field is where Joanie's life and journey started.  However, she used her knowledge talents and passion to figure out what the journey became. Passion has driven  Joanie to all that she has accomplished in the last ten years of being a consultant but loving what she does is who she really is.

Can you share with us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide once you got the PhD in Psychology to start your own business. The path did not start out with the intention of being an entrepreneur in fact Joanie started her career as an electrical engineer and was much more interested in the people interaction than the electrical ones. She went back to graduate school to make a huge shift in her career and getting the education was the way to not make herself an engineer anymore. During graduate school she incorporated her two interests of her past interest in engineering and her present interest in psychology. One of the things...

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84 - Tip Tuesday - Building Your Business Debt Free with Shannon Cherry

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

I was so excited about this one, as you hear advice from entrepreneur experts all the time, like 'hire before you're ready', or 'just build it, and they will come.'  However, after promising her husband that she wouldn't go into debt, building her business, over 10 years later, Shannon Cherry has kept that promise.  Now she teaches others how to do the same thing.  Shannon gives some great advice on how you can remain debt free, tips and tricks for getting creative in growing your business, and how she's managed to stay out of the red all of these years.

When starting a business should you take out an initial investment?  It's really going to depend on the business, but it's really about sitting down and figuring out what you really need to get started.  Also Shannon suggests making sure you're never spending outside of your means.  She's proud to say she doesn't have any kind of debt for her business.

When it comes to marketing, how do you...

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83 - The Creative Side of Business With Nik Parks

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

When creativity and entrepreneurship meet you are able to get out of the stereotype of “the starving artist” and really understand what and how to express yourself while perusing a passion. The passion of creative and the desire to help others understand the importance of business is what has driven the passion to create Launching Creative.

Tell us how the whole idea came to be and how the whole Launching Creative business started. The whole idea started right out of college, after studying graphic design with all the latest and greatest ideas and software. But what he did not learn was the business side of how to market. So he set off in the journey of life and picked up and moved from Arkansas to New York City. When he arrived he was lost he had no idea of how to meet clients, price his services when he was offered a freelance job and he struggled with the whole business side. During this whole time he had a lot of anxiety and realized that there were not a lot of...

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[VLOG] It's Time To Re-Evaluate What You're Accepting For Your Life

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

As an impromptu topic I am calling out everyone because I am sadden at the state of humans for what we allow to be okay and what we think we should be tolerating when we shouldn’t be.

As Eminem once said, we have one shot, one shot at life.

What are you going to do with it? Are you going to be scared or a victim of the circumstances of what happened? Or are you going to do something. No matter what you believe, no one really knows what happens to us after we die. What are you going to do with the time that you have here?

A little story…. I grew up with a crazy grandma as in crazy horrible grandma. She is still alive but I have nothing to do with her. She was very mean in the fact that she did not like my siblings, my mother or myself; she is my dad’s mom. She made it her mission to make my siblings; my mother and I feel like crap while bringing in the rest of the family to do the same. So growing up it affected me and I was forced to be with this family all the...

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82 - Tip Tuesday - Protecting Yourself Legally When Launching A Coaching Business with Karen Taggart

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Coaching is all the rage when it comes to starting your own business. Everyone is jumping into it, however, I'm not so quite sure everyone is really thinking it fully through for protecting themselves. It's one of those things that you really want to make sure you take care of yourself and set yourself up for success, legally, before you find out the hard way.

Karen Taggart is an attorney who now helps small businesses get their businesses set up and protected the right way. She went over some great steps to protect your coaching business.

The first thing Karen suggests is having a disclaimer in place.  Karen suggests putting it right on your Home Page, but also put it in anything that you sell.  Some states, like California, disclaimers are required if you're not licensed under the state to be in the healing arts practice.  So depending on where you live, there may be specific requirements if it's health related, if they can make more money by doing what you're...

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**Bonus** My Five Top Lessons Learned From My First Online Business

business strategy | Dec 01, 2017

I'm changing things up this week, and talking about my top 5 lessons I've learned in my first online business.  We will go back to regularly scheduled podcasting next week!

Some of things I talk about are:

1. Why trusting your instincts is crucial to business success.

2. Why planning and preparing is everything.

3. The biggest mistake I made when in regards to content and products.

4. The top thing I suggest you start learning to do.

5. The one thing you absolutely must do RIGHT now in order to be successful!

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[VLOG] 5 Free Tools to Make Social Media Easier

marketing | Dec 01, 2017

Social Media can take some time but after I walk you through these different tools I hope that you will have the tools to make preparation simple, a set plan in place and images that will ROCK your audience.   Sharing images over words is much more powerful.

So I am going to share some tools with you to get information out to your follower, make a schedule and make images that look like you know how to graphic design all for FREE.

First, let’s talk about the information that we share to our audience. There is a couple of great tools that are out there to be able to share great articles that pertain to your business. The first tool is google.com/alerts. It allows you to set alerts about keywords that are specifically about your business or what your clients would find interesting. Once they are set up then you start getting an e-mail on each keyword with articles that are specific to that keyword that Google finds that pertains to that keyword. I may use some of them...

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81 - How To Take Lessons Learned From Tragedy To Create Something Amazing With Andy Hayes

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

When tragedy strikes, you have two choices you can pick yourself up and walk on or you can wallow in your tragedy. Andy tells us his story of having to pick himself up and create something amazing from it.

Tell us about your journey and the path that it created. While working for a huge software company, traveling the world, long hours, working with great leaders and mentoring others, all good things came to an end. He was the victim of several business acquisitions and in the end he kept trading money for opportunities but loosing a little bit of himself in every trade. At the end he found himself in a very toxic work environment with many different health issues. Along the way he had always been told that he would make such a great consultant but would always counter the idea and say that he could not be trusted in a risk-taking situation. But the toxic work environment opened his eyes to see that it was more of a risk to take and stay in the environment than it was to take...

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80 - Tip Tuesday - Tips to Making Podcasts Go From Good to GREAT with Jeff Brown

podcast | Dec 01, 2017

Reading is essential part of growing and being in tune with what you do.  As some of us go about our daily lives much like Jeff he found himself just not enjoying reading much at all. However, in 2003 that all changed when he was working for a radio company.  The leader of the company decided that the heads of the departments were going to read important, world-changing, and life changing business books together and meet about them weekly.

Jeff was a stranger to the world known as business books. They were just not on his radar and something that he now is ashamed to say.   So when he opened up his first business book called the “Purple Cow “ by Seth Godin he just fell in love with reading again. Now, as a host of the podcast Read to Lead, he is reading fifty plus books a year,. However, going from not reading to really enjoying books was a huge life change. He realized by reading that he was truly missing out. One of the best quotes from Dan...

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