107 - Tip Tuesday - Blow Your Mind Networking Tips with Kisha L. Allen

I consider myself a pretty savvy networker, and when I saw Kisha speak a few weeks ago, she blew me out of the water with the tips she was giving.  You should easily be able to pull out several things that you can apply to your business today after this podcast.

You say there is no strategy in networking, what does that mean?  When Kisha worked for a local chamber, she worked over members.  The first thing she learned was because everyone had a magical title, but no one had substance behind it to back it.  It never really connected with anyone because it wasn't interesting to anyone.  Instead of using a title, Kisha switched to saying she was a 'servant', which opened the doors for a conversation.

One of the titles she was given was a 'strategic connector.'  People so many times go into network, but they're really not saying what they need.  From a personal stand point she began to see things as a strategic level, and it opened the doors for her.

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[VLOG] 4 Steps to Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is your bread and butter to any business you run.  Even when I had my two local businesses, every time I would send out a newsletter people would book.  It's just that top of mind place that you really always want to be with your customers.

There are four very general questions I'm frequently asked when it comes to email marketing, and so I thought I would take the opportunity to cover them here.

1. How often should you send out an email?  This really depends on the type of business you have, and the initial expectations you set when they sign up.  If you tell them they're signing up for a daily email, then by all means you better be sending out a daily email.  However, you just have to keep up with whatever you're setting those expectations to be.  I see people do this all the time, they send out an email, and then they disappear off the face of the earth.  What ends up happening is when you finally do send another email, those...

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106 - Creating Her Dream Job and Life with Rose Lindo

Rose has an incredible story of leaving school in her last year, and then moving to Austin where she felt she would find her dream job in a design studio.  It took a few years to land her first job, but she was so excited when she finally landed her dream job.  It didn't pay well, but she was eager to learn.  While working three different jobs (so she could stay at her dream job), she found an ad in Craigslist for a photography assistant.

After calling the photographer, Rose discovered that they actually needed help with re-designing their branding material.  The photographer was really excited about meeting up, and so Rose sat down with her.  That launched her first re-design of branding, which started leading to other photographers help with theirs.

Her dream job was going down hill very quickly after her boss talked Rose into taking out a personal loan, and then they started bouncing checks!  Finally, after some other issues with this 'dream job',...

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105 - Taking Her Profession to a Whole New Level with Chef Deb Cantrell


Chef Deb Cantrell is so much more than just a chef.  She specializes in healing through health, but also teaches other chefs how to be successful in their businesses.

Chef Deb started in physical therapy, and after 13 years she found she was tired of people complaining but not doing anything about it.  She discovered that a lot of disease and problems in health in today's world were caused by diet.

When she was trying to figure out what she could do that would provide her a little more flexibility with her family, she read about personal chefs.  After deciding to take a chance, she worked physical therapy, part-time, and went to culinary school.

She started out while her daughter went into homes with her.  As more and more people with dietary needs found her, she found her business blowing up.  She kept moving in the direction of dietary needs and healing through food.

About two years ago, she decided she wanted to figure out how she was...

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Debunking the 'Hope Deposit' Business Myth

I see this one all of the time, the story of what I like to call the 'Hope Deposit'. Someone is at their wits end. Their business is crumbling.  They just can't get it together.  They are on their. last. dime.

And then it happens.

They borrow money, or put it on their credit card... That program.  That conference.  That 'thing' that takes them from rags to riches.  It's like magic, and suddenly by making that investment in themselves, EVERYTHING changes.

It's a great story, and yes, you need to invest in yourself.

However, let me be clear that making that payment or borrowing that money, does not magically make all your problems go away.

You have to apply what you learn.  You have to take MASSIVE action behind that program or event.  You can't just hope that everything changes by osmosis.

That's the part they often leave out.  What they did after that program or conference to really make them the success that they are.  They don't...

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104 - Tip Tuesday - The 10 P's of Success with Sherry Prindle

I heard Sherry Prindle speak a few months ago, and was blown away by what she taught.  If you're trying to figure out how to make money (and not just start a business) by making a difference and doing what you love, Sherry breaks it down in one of the most easily consumable ways I have heard.

She talks about the 10 P's of success, and these P's cover everything from the very beginning to how you can promote yourself and make a living doing it!

1. Purpose - Finding your purpose is a lot easier said than done.  Sherry asks us to think of a first childhood negative memory.  It may not have been the worst thing in the world, however, when we were young, we put a negative meaning behind it.

What really ends up happening is that we make it mean something.  Then when we decide something, we end up developing a strength, and that strength becomes your purpose.

It just becomes something you absolutely can't turn off.

[ctt tweet="Want to find your purpose? Take a...

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103 - Tip Tuesday - Using Speaking to Build Your Business with Jeff Klein

No, we're not talking about becoming a public speaker, and living your life from a stage.  What we are talking about is how to get in front of potential clients by speaking and using it as a tool to market and build your business.  This can be an incredible way for you to establish yourself as an expert and to find clients in places that you might not have originally considered.

Jeff Klein, owner of Speaker Co-op came by to talk about how to even begin thinking about adding speaking, the tools you're going to need, and where you can start looking to find your first audience.

Where would someone even begin for starting to speak for business?  The first place you want to start is to think about your marketing.  Start thinking about what you can talk about that's marketable.  It doesn't necessarily have to be about your core business.   There's a guy in the local market who talks about leadership, even though he's a financial planner.  In that...

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102 - Being Successful In Business Doesn't Take Being the Smartest...

I'm in launch mode!  Which means there are countless lessons learned.

In this episode I talk about what really goes behind the scenes of being a business 'great'.  I also talk about how owning a business reminds me of my desire to be like Magic Johnson (yep, as in the basketball player).

Ready to get those business fundamentals mastered?  Sign up below for some free training:

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101- From Wall Street To Travel Industry Expert with Meredith Hill

Meredith Hill has an incredible story of starting from a successful career on Wall Street.  She found herself as an analyst on Wall Street making really good money.  When a baby came in Meredith's life, she thought a lot about what she wanted while she was on maternity leave.  What she realized was that she loved working, but she just didn't love what she was doing.

A year after that leave Meredith made the decision that she was going to follow her passion.  A year later, she decided she was going start her own travel business, and specifically travel to Africa.

She started by working at a travel agency basically, just to learn and watch how the experts were doing it.  It did take a while to find success.  She made some mistakes and took about five to six years of not making any money.

Meredith gave some great tips on how to avoid the mistakes she made and helped turn her business around:

1. Get really clear on your numbers.  You won't always know...

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The Big 1-0-0 and The 3 Biggest Lessons I've Learned In Business & Podcasting

Happy 100th Episode! I'm getting open and honest about what I've learned as I approached a year in my business.

I go in depth about my 3 lessons learned, and what you need to do in order to get your business finally started, or make it grow to that level you always dreamed of!

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