102 - Being Successful In Business Doesn't Take Being the Smartest...

starting a business | Dec 02, 2017

I'm in launch mode!  Which means there are countless lessons learned.

In this episode I talk about what really goes behind the scenes of being a business 'great'.  I also talk about how owning a business reminds me of my desire to be like Magic Johnson (yep, as in the basketball player).

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101- From Wall Street To Travel Industry Expert with Meredith Hill

starting a business | Dec 02, 2017

Meredith Hill has an incredible story of starting from a successful career on Wall Street.  She found herself as an analyst on Wall Street making really good money.  When a baby came in Meredith's life, she thought a lot about what she wanted while she was on maternity leave.  What she realized was that she loved working, but she just didn't love what she was doing.

A year after that leave Meredith made the decision that she was going to follow her passion.  A year later, she decided she was going start her own travel business, and specifically travel to Africa.

She started by working at a travel agency basically, just to learn and watch how the experts were doing it.  It did take a while to find success.  She made some mistakes and took about five to six years of not making any money.

Meredith gave some great tips on how to avoid the mistakes she made and helped turn her business around:

1. Get really clear on your numbers.  You won't always know...

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The Big 1-0-0 and The 3 Biggest Lessons I've Learned In Business & Podcasting

podcast | Dec 02, 2017

Happy 100th Episode! I'm getting open and honest about what I've learned as I approached a year in my business.

I go in depth about my 3 lessons learned, and what you need to do in order to get your business finally started, or make it grow to that level you always dreamed of!

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99 - Tip Tuesday - Making Sure You're At Your Prime As An Entrepreneur with Adria DeCorte

starting a business | Dec 02, 2017

Starting and building a business can be very time-consuming, and so many times the first thing that gets put on the back burner is our health. Adria DeCorte of AdriaDecorte.com, along with the Feed Your Hustle Podcast shared some great tips on small things you can do to make sure your energy is optimized!

Adria worked for the government for several years as a Plant Scientist. Before that, she had been gaining weight slowly, and hit a point where she stepped on the scale and realized she was the same weight as her husband. It was at that point, where she no longer wanted to concentrate on the limitations, but she concentrated on what she could do.

This led her to have more energy, and started thriving in her government job. However, she found herself focusing too much on being perfect. So she pulled back a little bit to find balance.  It was at that moment, where she learned to listen to her body, was when she realized that what she really wanted was to do something on her...

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98 - Tip Tuesday - The Big Mistake You Must Avoid While Building Your Business with Susie Miller

starting a business | Dec 02, 2017

This probably wasn't the only reason, but I can reasonably say I lost my first marriage to entrepreneurship.  It was awesome to build my business and make money.  Even though I saw my relationship crumbling, I figured it would make it through the hard times.  However, when that sale was complete, I found myself staring at a complete stranger.

I was so happy to have Susie Miller on the podcast because I believe this is the side of the entrepreneur journey that no one likes to talk about.  Lives get consumed, people feel left out, and relationships fall apart on the road to success.  It's so important that you understand how to make sure you're maintaining the most important thing in your life, your relationships with your loved ones, as you build your business.

Susie gives us some incredible tips on how exactly to do that!

Susie tells us that when you've agreed you're in start-up, your relationship needs to be on the same page.  Understand it's like a...

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**Bonus** Changes Are Coming! And the One Thing That Has Forever Changed My Life and Business

marketing | Dec 02, 2017

In this week's podcast, I'm making an announcement about some changes over at The Starters Club.

I'm also talking about the one thing that has made the biggest impact on my life and my business.  I can't stress enough how much you're going to want to start doing it too.


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[VLOG] 3 Tips to Use Social Media to Build Relationships

vlog | Dec 02, 2017

A lot of people get on social media and start tweeting and posting, and then get really excited when they get some followers and likes.  However, so many people are missing out on an incredible opportunity to really build their business through social media. So I am going to share a couple of tips of what you can do to take it to the next level and start developing relationship using social media.

First, when you are connecting do more than just connect. A lot of people use Facebook as a networking tool. Be careful, don’t do too much business on your profile.  However, you can defiantly connect with potential business connections, if you are comfortable with it.  However, instead of just connecting and then moving on with life, actually introduce yourself.  Tell them what you do, and what you are about.

However, the key to this, and asking more about them, and find out how you can help them. This isn't about overloading them on what you are about and start...

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97 - Tip Tuesday Creating the Perfect Logo with Emily Adams

podcast | Dec 02, 2017

When you're starting a business, logos are very important.  However, with all of the options out there (from extremely cheap to expensive), it's important to know where to go and what you should plan on spending.  It is more than just a picture, and it's important to understand that.

Emily has a background in graphic design and branding, and she just really wanted to make a shift to have a flexible schedule and take on different creative challenges.  She started her own business, and is grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve others.

What should I be thinking about when starting to design a logo?  A mistake people usually make is going too large for their first logo.  You want something simple, memorable, and understandable.  Then you want to create a few different versions of it, i.e. one for your website, one for packaging, etc.  You really want to think of some of your options and where you'll be using it.

Emily does a lot of...

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[VLOG] What I Believe When it Comes to Being an Entrepreneur

vlog | Dec 02, 2017

So it seems that it is the ‘it thing’, everyone wants you to be an entrepreneur. It is what everyone is doing and it is the only way to a great life. Entrepreneurship is not easy.  It’s not for everyone and there is a lot to endure. When you get use to that every week paycheck and then suddenly you don’t have insurance or paycheck coming it is all on you. Some people get a high off that and some people get completely freaked out about that. So before you jump on that entrepreneur bandwagon, I really don't think you have to do that in order to live a fulfilled life. But there are two things that you really do need to have and a lot of times it is entrepreneurship that gets you there.

The first thing is you must have some sort of purpose, some sort of calling higher than you of why you are here on earth. If you go and punch a clock every day and come home and sit and watch television, you really are more than likely are not living a life fulfilled....

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96 - Tip Tuesday - Establishing Systems to Make Productivity Increase with Val Geisler

business strategy | Dec 02, 2017

Working in corporate america for a company that encourages you as the employee to own and create a difference in the world for yourself, is a dream to many.  With the thought-provoking measures that it takes to be a stage manager in theater productions to helping clients take their business to the next level, that really put systems in place to make sure that productivity is at its highest is the focus.   It is all about helping the entrepreneur grow and evolve in their business.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with the system strategy? It is really about more of who she is and the conversation that is going on about following your passion and you will never work a day in your life.   Being systemized and organized is who she is, so really it is about looking at what you are drawn to and the constant theme that you have done in your life and really follow the underlying current. Which leads to success because you really have a passion and...

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