What If I Fail?

Uncategorized | Aug 28, 2018

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” ~Erin Hanson

What if fail...

Four words that have had held me back more times than I count, and I know they hold my clients back on a daily basis. It can be a basic thing like starting that first business you've been dying to start or taking a huge leap in your current business.

Dreams are a funny thing. 

Although we feel like they should be something that drives us, they aren't always. Instead, they turn into something that paralyzes us. They get us excited, but then they get us scared. Then the longer we dream about something, the more paralyzing it can become to actually do something about it.

We end up dreaming about it for so long that what if....

What if we actually do something about it, and this thing, this ONE thing that we have been dreaming about for so long just doesn't turn out like we hoped?

Then you're left with nothing. You have a dream that didn't pan out and that was your only dream. That was it. 

And we feel like we're going to be stuck standing there asking ourselves 'Now What?'

Here's what I have discovered in all of my life and all of my business ventures, that we are absolutely correct in the fear that we're going to be left asking ourselves two important words: 

'Now what?'

However, it's not quite in the way we think.

Life guides us in funny ways, and I believe nothing that we attempt is a waste of time. Any time we actually move towards a dream is movement forward and never something to be ashamed of because we did something that so many never do.

We moved forward.

And with every forward movement comes great lessons and opens doors and opportunities that we would never have had, had we just stood still, only dreaming. 

And we are left with the words 'now what', not because we are left with nothing but a broken dream, but we are left with something more.

If the dream is actually broken, then what did you learn? 

Did you have misleading expectations, and you just need to change them a bit?

Did you learn something new, and now you see a new direction that you need to go?

Did you make a huge mistake, but learned about 1,000 lessons along the way?

Did an opportunity come up that you never even knew was a possibility prior to the forward movement?

There's always a lesson to be learned, and it guides you closer to who you truly are, and the things that you love.

But when you stand still, in fear, you'll never change.

You'll never learn.

You'll regret.

You'll wonder.

You'll never know what's on that other side and the opportunities you never even knew were possible.

So become okay with failure. Become okay with trying.

And learn to embrace and get excited about the opportunity to ask yourself those words we've learned to dread.

'Now what can be a pretty powerful question to ask yourself.

Dream big, step forward and watch your life change.

Now it's your turn! We have four months left in 2018. What's a big audacious dream you're going to take on?! 

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