What Dating Taught Me About Business

I'm just going to put it out there:  In my 20's I was a pretty hot mess.

I can't say I had a whole lot of confidence, although I made sure to look like it appeared as the opposite. I drank way too much, and I really didn't know who I was at all.   Which led to every time I met someone, I wanted nothing more for them to like me, regardless of who they were.

Granted, I guess that really wasn't a bad attribute to have. However, it's not that great when you're not being yourself in order to get that person to like you.  One great example was this Greek god who was just amazing in the looks department.  You really couldn't understand half of what he ever had to say, but that was okay because just hearing him talk in his accent was totally worth it.   I was head over heels for this guy, and wanted to badly to be called Mrs. GG one day.  As perfect as he was, he was extremely old-fashioned in his thinking.  His idea of a wife was the old school barefoot and pregnant, and women depended on men.

If you ever spend 2 minutes with me, okay even 2 seconds, you'll understand that's not my style.

And as much as I love my independence, the thought crossed my mind numerous times, wondering what it would be like to maybe stay at home. 

Yes, those thoughts actually crossed my mind.

Well Mrs. GG never did happen, but I ended up becoming a Mrs. to someone else, who I can say looking back, was a horrible fit.  But I tried really hard to make that fit happen too.

And when things fell apart miserably, I came to a realization.  That I'm me, and there's going to be people who love me, and there will be people who don't mesh with me.  And you know what it's not because I'm not a good person.  It's just because that's the way things are.

I also learned that if I'm going to make a meaningful relationship of any kind, be it business, or personal, that I MUST be me.  I need to let a wall down, be authentic, and get people to know me.  I need to let them connect.

As important as this whole concept is in your personal life, it's equally as important in your business life.  If you try to appeal to everyone and change who you are to make that happen, that relationship isn't going to last.  You're going to attract customers who really don't feel you, who may kind of like you, and who will run quickly, when they get a glimpse of the real you.

However, if you let people get to know you and for those who want to, truly connect with you, you're going to find some amazing customers. Like we're talking customers who sing your praises over social media and who truly get you.

You can't worry about making someone like you.  You have to be yourself and you'll attract the perfect customers.  Just like being yourself will attract the perfect partner for you!

So if you're about to start a business, make sure your marketing reflects YOU.  Yes, YOU, not someone you think you should be, or someone you think your audience wants to see, or not who your competition is, but YOU.  If you have a business and you're struggling to connect or get customers in, look at your voice, and see if it's a true reflection of who YOU are.


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