[VLOG] What I Believe When it Comes to Being an Entrepreneur

So it seems that it is the ‘it thing’, everyone wants you to be an entrepreneur. It is what everyone is doing and it is the only way to a great life. Entrepreneurship is not easy.  It’s not for everyone and there is a lot to endure. When you get use to that every week paycheck and then suddenly you don’t have insurance or paycheck coming it is all on you. Some people get a high off that and some people get completely freaked out about that. So before you jump on that entrepreneur bandwagon, I really don't think you have to do that in order to live a fulfilled life. But there are two things that you really do need to have and a lot of times it is entrepreneurship that gets you there.

The first thing is you must have some sort of purpose, some sort of calling higher than you of why you are here on earth. If you go and punch a clock every day and come home and sit and watch television, you really are more than likely are not living a life fulfilled. So even if it is not entrepreneurship that is going to get you there, you really need to start thinking about what it is that you love to do, what you were put on this earth to do. Even if you are doing something at night, weekends or volunteering if that is all that it is that you are being fulfilled. I believe that every single one of us needs that in order to be fulfilled and happy.

The other thing is the ability to create your own destiny. A lot of people can't do this. They work a job and build investments so that one day, they can pretty much just do what they want to do.  It might not necessarily be happening through the work, but by savings, they've created some sort of opportunity for themselves to not be at anyone's beckon call.  This is why entrepreneurship is so great and inspiring because it allows you to create your own destiny. You have to have it in you and that willingness. If you have a job that you love that you are getting a weekly paycheck that you feel serves a higher purpose and living your calling, you are lucky.  Most people hate their job, and I believe that life is too short to be doing something that you hate, it is miserable and not fun. It sucks the life out of you and it just isn't how you should be living your life.

So ask yourself these two questions:

How can I create my own destiny, so that I am not at the mercy of anyone? And really figure out ways to do that.
How can I live a greater purpose?
If you can define those, and entrepreneurship what you want to do, then by all means she is not discouraging anyone from doing it , because it is so amazing and so worth it, but there is work behind it too. When you can that momentum and start building it is amazing on the other side. Take some time to really build your business and make sure that you are taking the right steps and that your heart is really in it. Find a way to live life, don’t let it get the best of you.


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