[VLOG] Three Tips for Never Running Out of Content Ideas

Most people struggle to come up with content, which is a huge mistake because content can give you some amazing exposure, most of the time for free.  Plus providing amazing content can help position yourself as an expert and build the know, like, and trust factor that people look for when buying a product or service.

I’m on the opposite end as I have way too much content, and literally, have hundreds of videos that need to be put out. 

  1. Give your opinion on someone else’s content.  It could be a blog post or quote. It’s not about copying or criticizing, it’s about linking back to the content and adding something, or spinning your opinion on it.  Giving credit to someone can be a great thing.  If you’re reading a great article, you can not only share it with your audience but talk about why you think is great.
  2. Make sure you're following people who are slightly ahead of you and see what questions others are asking them.  Many times influencers will have Q&A then write down those questions.  Find out what people are interested in, and put your own spin on it.  Don’t get stuck in the thought process that just because someone has already talked about it, means you can’t talk about it yourself.  It’s not about copying, but when you put your own original content, then you don't have to worry about copying.
  3. Listen to your clients - Many of you are doing some sort of consulting or coaching.  We tend to take for granted what’s obvious to us, and we forget that for the person just starting out will now know the things we know.  It’s always refreshing to be connected to those people who aren’t where you are, so you can remember that your content is still needed.  Listen and understand then create content around that.

If you have any ideas for content creation, I would love to hear them. Please post them below!!


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