[VLOG] It's Time To Re-Evaluate What You're Accepting For Your Life

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

As an impromptu topic I am calling out everyone because I am sadden at the state of humans for what we allow to be okay and what we think we should be tolerating when we shouldn’t be.

As Eminem once said, we have one shot, one shot at life.

What are you going to do with it? Are you going to be scared or a victim of the circumstances of what happened? Or are you going to do something. No matter what you believe, no one really knows what happens to us after we die. What are you going to do with the time that you have here?

A little story…. I grew up with a crazy grandma as in crazy horrible grandma. She is still alive but I have nothing to do with her. She was very mean in the fact that she did not like my siblings, my mother or myself; she is my dad’s mom. She made it her mission to make my siblings; my mother and I feel like crap while bringing in the rest of the family to do the same. So growing up it affected me and I was forced to be with this family all the time since they lived right next door to us. I called myself a 75% because I never went all in to any situation. Because if I went all in I had the chance of falling hard and falling hard hurts so much more. I realized that I could reduce the margin of error and it felt safer to me if I did not go all in. So in my thirties I had a come to Jesus with myself and I realized that I was allowing a crazy women dictate my life. She is a woman who is never going to be happy a day in her life and her joy is putting others down. Up to this point she was the one person that was dictating my “one shot here in life” and I finally said no more and made a commitment to myself to go 100% in and learned to accept that, in my relationships, my work and in everything.

Another story that I will share with you… I have a friend who is brilliant and in the second grade she had a teacher tell her that she was stupid and she got held back. As a result it has subconsciously affected her always. I sat down with her recently and told her that she was allowing this second grade teacher to rob the world of her brilliance because she was scared to put herself out there based on her past.  We have all had those times that we allow others to hold us back but they are robbing us from greatness and sharing it with others. When it is all said and done you have two choices, you can become a victim and you ruin your shot here on earth or you use it as an example and rise above it to make you better.

Another example… I was talking to someone the other day and in our conversation she was justifying how happy she was in her job. She works a corporate job where she used to work from home but now the company is requiring that she come into the office. On a good commute day it takes her an hour to get into the office and on a bad commute day it can be up to two hours each way to work.   She justifies this by the fact that she is able to interact with people but failing to see that she is loosing precious time with her two-year-old daughter. My issue with this is that she is essentially loosing about three weeks a year driving verses spending time with her daughter. And in the course of eighteen years she will have lost a year of her time spent with her daughter sitting in traffic.


It is sad to me that we have become a state that we will not take a chance on ourselves because only certain people make entrepreneurship or so many fail. I can tell you why most fail and that is because people do not go all in or they do not make the best decisions. And looking at people who fail and saying that you apply to that is not the answer either. Number one thing is you have to evaluate yourself and be okay with what you believe. You must take a chance on yourself and reevaluate that you are better and you deserve more. Rise above, do what you love and stand strong.

Make an action every day and work through the actions. Do what you love and make those your action for the day. If you have not figured out what you love take action to figure that out.


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