[VLOG] 5 Free Tools to Make Social Media Easier

marketing | Dec 01, 2017

Social Media can take some time but after I walk you through these different tools I hope that you will have the tools to make preparation simple, a set plan in place and images that will ROCK your audience.   Sharing images over words is much more powerful.

So I am going to share some tools with you to get information out to your follower, make a schedule and make images that look like you know how to graphic design all for FREE.

First, let’s talk about the information that we share to our audience. There is a couple of great tools that are out there to be able to share great articles that pertain to your business. The first tool is google.com/alerts. It allows you to set alerts about keywords that are specifically about your business or what your clients would find interesting. Once they are set up then you start getting an e-mail on each keyword with articles that are specific to that keyword that Google finds that pertains to that keyword. I may use some of them or none of them but it is a great tool to help locate those articles. This way I do not have to spend hours surfing the net to put content out to my customers.

Another great tool is swayy.co. There is a portion of the service that you can pay for but the free side is great, too. In order to get it set up you will put in keywords, log in and it feeds you articles, then based on what you are selecting it will change your feed. The articles that you select you are then able to send out from swayy.co to your twitter and LinkedIn and the great thing is I can schedule them and along with giving me ideas for hash tags. It sets up everything for you and makes it so easy to get information out to your customers.

Another of my favorites is hootsuite.com. Hootsuite interacts with up to five social media accounts such as, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, for free. This is where the scheduling comes in. However, know that social media is about being social, but let’s face it life happens and I cannot always be around and you don’t want to appear like you have disappear. Social media is all about being consistent. So I highly recommended that you set a plan either by the week or the month. So that you know what is going to go out there and you can interact with social media when you have time but knowing that it is being taken care of as well.

Next we get into the presentation or image part of social media. Images with words will make the message that you are trying to get out to customers POP. The first tool is canva.com, it is easy to use and very user-friendly. There are free images or there are images that will cost you a dollar, but realistically speaking the free images work really well.

Next is a great tool that actually is an app called wordswag. I can type in specific quotes and it saves the images. Then it allows me to post beautiful images for quotes. It is important that you always incorporate quotes into your social media to make it work. Take advantage of the tools and let them work for you and your business. Just remember social media does not have to be daunting if you take advantage of these tools.

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