[VLOG] 3 Tips to Use Social Media to Build Relationships

A lot of people get on social media and start tweeting and posting, and then get really excited when they get some followers and likes.  However, so many people are missing out on an incredible opportunity to really build their business through social media. So I am going to share a couple of tips of what you can do to take it to the next level and start developing relationship using social media.

First, when you are connecting do more than just connect. A lot of people use Facebook as a networking tool. Be careful, don’t do too much business on your profile.  However, you can defiantly connect with potential business connections, if you are comfortable with it.  However, instead of just connecting and then moving on with life, actually introduce yourself.  Tell them what you do, and what you are about.

However, the key to this, and asking more about them, and find out how you can help them. This isn't about overloading them on what you are about and start spamming.  Instead find out more about them, and ask specifically how you can help them.  This approach will typically get you a response back. You can do this with LinkedIn too.  Instead of just connecting, actually introduce yourself. Use these tools to actually connect with people, and not just building your number of connections.

Next if you are in groups or on Twitter, you can start asking questions. Hopefully you are hanging out where your ideal client hangs out. Utilize this to actually connect with people. It goes so much further than read my latest blog post or click this link. Reach out and actually ask if there is something that you can help a person with. Take tiny steps to help people.

The third thing that you can do is to provide value.   Provide tips to help and allow people to understand that you bring value, and you actually know what you're talking about. Even though they are small tips you are helping and serving other people.

Remember, that your message should always be about service first, and making money should be secondary. When you are networking it should be about helping others before trying to figure out what you can get from them.  With anything in social media, reach out and offer to help.


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