[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] What To Do Once You Have a Business Idea

starting a business | Dec 04, 2017

So many people get great ideas for a business, but then the get stuck on the whole idea of what to do next.  It’s honestly overwhelming.  However, entrepreneurship isn’t any different than anything else you take on.  You get the major questions answered, and then you figure it out as you go. 

Here are three things to do once you get that idea you’re really excited about, and how to begin moving forward with making it a reality.

First, start researching to see if anyone has your business idea.  Now even if someone does, it doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t start your business.  If no one has one, that could also be a good thing/bad thing because they it might mean that there isn’t a market for what you’re doing.  Even if there is someone out there, it means there is a market for it.  Your job then becomes to find out what makes you different and how you can find your ‘in’.

Second, start writing the questions you don’t know.  We let those questions just go off in our mind, but we never put them to paper.  Simply start putting them down and putting a plan to place in how you’ll find those things.  List every single thing you don't know.

Third, once you start writing those questions, then put the plan in place to move forward with this.  I’m not saying to start the business tomorrow.  What I am saying is to make it a plan to chunk this out in hours at a time.  You can start laying the ground work and getting the questions answered and filling in the blanks.  It’s time you get the business rolling. 

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