[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep. 5 Why Networking is Crucial for Success

starting a business | Dec 04, 2017
As an employee you should already know the power of networking.  Most jobs in corporate
settings aren’t filled based on a resume that came across their desk but because someone
knew someone who knew someone and got them in.
The same rule applies in entrepreneurship.  You have to start building a network.
Utilize the tools like LinkedIn and reach out to people who already know you and let them know
what you’re up to.  You would be surprised at how many people may need your services or will
know someone who needs your services.
There is an important rule of thumb when it comes to networking.  Be of service and always
focus on how you can help others first. People usually go out to networking events in the hope
they’re going to find someone who is just going to refer them business all day.  The truth is,
it doesn’t happen that way.
Even if you’re just in the very beginnings of your business, go out and start building those
relationships.  You’ll be amazed at how your business grows before you’re even ready.

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