[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep - 23 The One Answer You Must Know About Your Business

There are so many business owners who get in business for love of what they do.  They get excited about what they can do, and they love the idea of owning their own business.

I've run into this problem too many times, that when it's time to dig deep into the answer of one simple question, too many business owners stumble over the answer.  They get caught up in all the wonderful thing their business does, or why they're passionate about what they do.  And sure, your customer may like these things, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter.

So what does matter?

Well, it's one answer to one very simple question.  When you know the answer to this, business life becomes a lot easier.

What's the question?

You must be able to answer what problem your business solves.  That's all that matters.  It's what your business should do.  It must solve a problem, and if you're not sure exactly what problem it solves, you need to sit back and become crystal clear about this answer before you do anything more in your business.

The next step is then being crystal clear about whom that problem solves a problem for.  I've worked with so many clients who want help with Facebook Ads, and when we start to break down their audiences, they have no idea who they're going to get in front of.

Your business must always solve a problem, and if this blog or video are making you uneasy, then make sure you fill in the simple formula of:

We help X, Do Y.  So They Can Z.

What's your X, Y, and Z?

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