[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep. 19 Why Starting a Business Isn't Enough

starting a business | Dec 04, 2017

What typically happens is that people get really excited about a product or service they want to create.  They prove the concept and people are telling them how amazing the product or service is.  

Once they release the item, they feel like the product or service is going to carry them.  Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.  The true measure of success in your business will be around who actually knows about your product or service (and who buys it).  It doesn’t matter how awesome it is.  If no one actually knows about it, it won’t succeed.  "Starting" is the beginning, you need to market it.

Many get tripped up on the thought of marketing because they tell themselves they’re not great at sales or really don’t understand the marketing game.  

It’s crucial that you create a plan of attack while you’re creating your business of how you’re going to market it.  It’s just like content. You can’t go out and create a bunch of content and hope that people will just find it.  You must find a way to distribute it.

Distribution and marketing yourself are two major keys to success.  Here are some ideas:

Begin the marketing plan long before you even have a product or service to sell.  One thing I did when I wrote my book, a year ago, was to involve my community in the process long before the book was even completed. Instead of waiting for it to be finished and telling them, "The book is out, now read it."  

I showed behind the scenes of putting everything together.  I unveiled some possible covers. Had them help me pick it out.  

Make them excited about your product or service before it ever comes out.  Build a community while you’re building a business.

Also, make sure you know your customer.  Use the opportunity to get in front of them where they hang out to make sure you understand them better than anyone else.  Get involved with the community long before you launch a product.  

Remember, Marketing is not an option in your business.  If you’re not great at it and if you’re not willing to learn how to do it, then you must bring someone in your business who will be able to do that for you.

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