[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep. 10 How to Really Define Success

With the growth of social media, it can be a great thing.  However, it can also be hard as entrepreneurs
because we end up comparing our lives to others highlight reels.  We have to be careful because if
entrepreneurs show any weaknesses.
1.Stop trying to be the exception to the rule.  There is no one out there who has had overnight
success. This takes work. It takes an effort. If you are jumping in because you don't want to
put in the work and you're hoping to be the exception,  then you need to probably stay out.
This is a marathon.  Not a race.
2. Be extremely careful of what you see.  Do your own thing.   Be yourself.  Worry about
what you're doing and stop looking sideways at everyone else.  You're never going to be far
enough, rich enough, or good enough.  There will always be someone doing better than yourself.
Measure your own success after your own success, not others.
If you get knocked down, are you going to improve?  If you don’t fail, are you going to stand
up again?
Really watch how you're feeling about other's success.  You are probably doing a lot better than
a lot of other people. So stop thinking you’re not doing well.  Do you.  Measure success
from where you were yesterday, a week ago, and a month ago.
We all have our own journey.  Accept your journey.  It isn't going to be like everyone else’s.


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