Podcast 12 - Stephanie Burg - A Journey From Professional Ballet Dancer to Holistic Health Coach

So what would you do if all you had known all your life was suddenly taken from you?  Well, luckily many of us will never have to answer that question.  However, Stephanie Burg was on the other side of that when she found herself partially disabled after a neck injury and unable to continue with her ballet career.  Stephanie has such an interesting journey to her new career, and she sat with us to share her story.

Some of my favorite quotes from this interview are:

‘Don’t be afraid of the fear, just feel it and do what you were called to do.’

'Patience is essential.  In terms of business, things take so much longer than you expect them to.’

'Your relationship to your business is just like any other relationship that you have to nurture and build.’

So how did you come to be a Health Coach?  Stephanie started as a professional ballet dancer.  After various injuries, she started to realize that she was going to have to look at other options.  She dabbled in a few things during her injuries, but always went back to dance.  However, when she came upon a neck injury that left her partially disabled, there were no other options for her than to make a change. 

Career Transition for Dancers was an organization that helps dancers find other ways to make a living, and Stephanie worked with them to help figure out her next steps in life.

She had been coaching her whole life and had been passionate about food and healthy food.  So it was a very natural progression for her to move into the other areas of interest.  She then went on to receive her health coach certification. 

Besides getting a certification, what was the first step she took in her business? She sent an email to everyone that she knew to let them know about her new business, and what she was going to be work on. 

What other offerings did you create to monetize this a business?  Obviously the 1:1 coaching is her money maker.  However, she also offers group programs, and also she runs several programs virtually as well.  She does run some group programs.  She also teaches workshops for fermenting and making foods.  She currently does most of them online however, she definitely will make it a more virtual class.

What has been one of the biggest obstacles to overcome?  One of the biggest things she has had to overcome is the fear and self doubt.  Just asking herself is she can really do this, or if she will make enough money, etc. 

What’s been a huge win or marketing success?  Social media has been a huge success and just letting people know what she’s up to.  She does have an advantage because of her dancing and sharing her experience. Stephanie shared that:  ‘Networking in an authentic way and being open about sharing your story’.

Is your networking more online or in person?   It really is a combination of both.  She does a lot of networking through social media, but she also does a lot within her community in Charleston.  Stephanie had great insight in terms of networking in saying ‘if they don’t know about you, then they won’t be able to receive the gifts that you’re offering’.

What has been a course change you’ve had to make?  As she was making the transition from dancing to coaching, she had quite a bit of uncertainty.   Initially she started working for another company.  After a year, though, she decided the route she needed to take was on her own vs for someone else. 

What’s one thing you wish you would have known?  That patience is essential.  In terms of business, things take so much longer than you expect them to.  Stephanie talked about how your relationship with your business is really like any other business in your life that you have to consistently nurture and build.  It does take time.  

When have you felt that you knew you were supposed to be during the entrepreneur journey? Any time Stephanie feels doubt about where she is, she always finds the comfort of where she’s supposed to be by working with a client and seeing the progression that they’re making. 

One piece of advice you would give to that person who is standing on the other side wanting to take that leap?  "Fear is really an indicator that you’re on the right path."  There’s nothing about it that’s going to be comfortable.  When it comes to any big goal, it’s all about actionable steps.  You need to make those steps, though in order to get there.  As Stephanie said and I just LOVE this quote:   ‘Don’t be afraid of the fear, just feel it and do what you were called to do.’

What’s one tool you can’t live without?  Timetrade which is an online scheduling tool.  She also really loves the ability to unplug.  Just take time to disconnect from technology.  She protects her Sundays as a time to keep shut down and finding that balance. 

What do you do to be so productive?  She creates a schedule.  Even though she knows it can feel restrictive and opressive.  She finds it helps to understand where she’s supposed to be.

She also creates to do lists each night before she goes to bed.  She tries to keep them manageable so she doesn’t get overwhelmed.  She suggested a great tip of trying to do 1 giant desk, 3 medium tasks and 5 smaller tasks (and you do things like errands, etc for those). 

She also uses a timer to stop at a certain point for email, and Facebook, etc.

More About Stephanie: Stephanie Burg helps successful, high-achieving women who struggle with their weight, diet and stress levels to achieve the body they really want so they can live the life of their dreams. To schedule a complimentary nutrition breakthrough session, or for healthy recipes and tips, visit her website at www.stephanieburgcoaching.com.


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