If You Build It, Will They Come? Five Steps To Keep Up Your Entrepreneur Momentum

You have this amazing business idea, and you know that you're the absolute best person for this 'job'.  You are beyond the moon excited and everything seems to be falling into place, letting you know that you're on the exact path you need to be on.  But when you put it out the world, no one is really jumping....

I think this is probably one of the hardest things for me, as an entrepreneur, that I've had to overcome.  Every time I move forward with a business idea, I get really excited, start pushing forward, and then become frustrated when not everyone is jumping on my bandwagon right away.  I always forget that people have to learn to trust you, learn that you're legit, and that businesses don't just explode over night.  However, no matter how many times I've learned this lesson, it's still hard to accept and take-in.  

I think the best analogy for entrepreneurship is a giant hill.  A really big giant hill.  There are days that you can push up a little faster, and there will be days where you feel like you're getting no where.  It's the people who give up that obviously never go anywhere.  If you believe in your product or service, and keep pushing and tweaking as necessary.  You WILL get over that hill.  It WILL happen, but you can't give up.  

So here are some great steps that I take to get the wheels in motion every day.  And you can do these even if you're working your business part time.

1. Make a Connection Every Day - I always make a goal to reach out to one person, whether it be via Twitter, Facebook, etc, who could be a great connection for my business.  Make this a goal for every day, even if you're just sending out an email, or even better, making a phone call.  Reach out and get those individual wheels in motion.

2. Work Your Social Media - Even if it's only 10 minutes, don't set your social media to the side.  Spend just a little time following someone new, retweeting, pinning, or sharing something you love.  Or creating one good post you can put up.  Just figure out one thing you can do.

3. Time Block One Hour Monday Through Friday - So if you're doing this part time or just trying to get the wheels in motion, make sure you time block at least one hour.  Make a goal before you start that hour of what you're going to accomplish.  Then turn off all cell phones, email, Facebook, etc, and go.  By spending this one hour every day, you will create momentum for your business.  You have to because the law of averages is on your side, but give you full attention to that project for that hour.

4. Read Part of a Business Book, Magazine, or Full Article Every Day - Give yourself even just 20 extra minutes at bed time.  This is a huge one for me because it keeps me motivated, excited, and ideas flowing.  It can be hard, especially in the start-up mode, and that's okay, just don't give up.  As you read about what others are doing, it will put you to bed inspired of what's ahead for you.

5. Talk About Your Business - Talking about your business to others makes you feel more accountable for what you're going to do.  If you keep it secret, you may not be as motivated to get the word out there.  When you start putting it out to the world what you're doing (and moving in that direction), you want to keep moving!

If you truly believe in your business and are passionate about it, please don't give up.  It's hard, and it may take just a little time to get as excited as you are, but it can help.  Just remember no one ever happened over night.  Believe in yourself and work, work, work, and your efforts will pay off ten fold!


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