How NOT To Build Relationships

I have a bit of a bone to pick.  I spent the last weekend at Podcast Movement, which was an amazing experience.  I met a lot of great people, made some fun new connections, and just had a wonderful time.

But as much as I loved it, and learned a lot of great things, I also learned a lot of what 'Not To Do's'.

It's getting really bad in the podcasting world, the what are you going to do for me attitude, and this constant need to leverage someone else's audience.  I get it.  I mean John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire Fame, did it to get himself to a pretty comfortable financial position in just two short years.  

I just feel now it's gotten out of control.  It's not about what's best for their listeners, it's what's best for them.  And their efforts are constantly being spent figuring out how they can get more and more.

I also had someone form email me a few months prior asking me to sell his program to my listeners.  I had never heard of this person, had no idea who he was, or if he ever knew what he was talking about, but I was supposed to just send all his info to my listeners.  I ended up introducing myself to him at Podcast Movement, telling him 'hey, I just thought you should know who I am because after all you want me to sell your products, right?'  He stumbled and couldn't remember me, but I was supposed to 'partner' with him????

When did the whole partnership thing become singleship?  When did 'what's in it for me?' become so out of control that the only things we care about from potential guests and even friends is your number of Twitter followers and Facebook likes?  When did real relationships just go completely out the door?

It's not that I'm about helping people, either.  I will be the biggest evangelist for those who I want to help, and I will give someone the shirt off my back.  But you see we have a relationship, and that's the difference.  If you want to work with me, form letters don't cut it.  Let me know that you actually took the time to figure out who I was, and what I'm about.  Don't just go to my Twitter page, see I have enough followers, and then figure out what I can do for you.  Nope, doesn't work that way.

So maybe I'm wrong when it comes to my numbers, my subscribers, my <fill in the blank here>.  I'm about relationships.  I'm about helping others, and call me crazy, but I know things will follow because of that because they always have in every other business I've owned.

I apologize to the people who listen to my podcast if I'm not providing the most popular people.  I'm sorry.  I go for the most value, and if they happen to help me with my growth, it's soley bonus.   I'm just not about the sleezy, 'what can you do for me' attitude.  

Rant over, work on PARTNERSHIPS, not singleships, please!!!  Find ways you can work with people, not leverage people, and your business will definitely take you to where you need it to go.


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