How I Manifested Oprah Into My Life

I wrote this as a newsletter just a few days ago, and it received such an amazing response, that I thought I would put it here for everyone else to read.  A true moment in my life that I will never forget, and a lesson learned!

I read 'The Secret' several years ago, and that's when I was first introduced to vision boards.  I believed in them a little, but after having one vision board promoting a strong marriage, and a divorce later, I kind of gave up on them.
This year that changed.  I've made no bones about the fact that I'm dreaming big.  That I want to see this business build quickly, and I have dreams of vineyards and rottie rescues galore.  So as I started to put together my plan of walking away from Corporate America and living the life that I dreamed of, I felt it was time again to make a vision board.
And since I've always dreamed of meeting Oprah and being on her show.  Here's a picture I threw together with Photoshop and put on there:

I had no idea how I was going to meet her, but it's just always been a dream.  
I believe it was in April when her Live Your Best Life Tour was announced.  I thought it would be cool to check out, and one Saturday afternoon while sitting at home, I just thought I would check to see if there were tickets.  Not only were there tickets, but there were meet and greet tickets.  MEET AND GREET tickets.  I looked at that picture on my vision board, and with no questions asked, bought them.  (And found out this weekend how lucky I was to be able to grab them.)
This is what I experienced this past weekend: 

Seriously, how crazy is that?!   
So I learned several things this weekend.  Just like 'The Alchemist' stated:  "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."   I learned that your life really is yours to create, and you have to be specific in putting out there what you want.  The universe/God, whatever you want to call it, is there to put it together for you.  You just need to be specific.
I dream of making everyone who truly wants to be not only an entrepreneur, but a successful one.  And I dream of giving people the tools to make their own dreams a reality.  I just have to bit more specific in how I lay that all out. 
And since the original intent of my pic was to be on Super Soul Sunday, next year's vision board will include this picture (and yes, I understand I have some work to do with my Photoshop skills):

So my question to you is:  What can you ask for?  What specific thing(s) do you need in order for your dreams to come true?  
'Specific' is the magic word of the week.  Stop telling yourself you can't, and that it's not possible, and start asking for what you truly want.  
Your life is truly yours to create.  You just have to start creating it.


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