Five Steps To Take Take the Mystery Out of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are an incredible way to build your business, and they've been a great resource to build my list, along with my clients and students.  However, if not done right, you can spend a lot of money very, very quickly and have nothing in return.

Here are a few tips and tricks in getting Facebook Ads to generate the results that can completely transform your business.

1. Never run ads for popularity sake.  This can mean a page like, website click, or boosted post that leads to nothing.  You always want to drive the ad to something that you can own.  That would be either a purchase of something or an opt-in to your list.  The problem with things like page likes is that sure, it can make you look really popular, but then you'll have to pay extra money to have those people even see your posts.

When you run conversion ads, your page will start to grow as an added bonus.  So don't waste your money on vanity campaigns.

2. Test, test, and just when you though you tested enough, test again.  I wish it was as easy as throwing up an ad and crossing my fingers that I got it right.  Unfortunately, it's not that easy.  It takes some work to get great results, and a lot of that work revolves around testing.  When I say test, I mean the image, the headline, the copy, you name it.  Oh, and don't forget each of theses tests should be conducted for each audience. 

Yes, it's exhausting, but it's so important.  I've run ads where I discovered one photo performed amazingly in front of one audience, but then bombed in front of a similar audience.  Facebook Ads tend to throw random curve balls, so never let your guard down.

When you start generating a lot of Facebook Ads, one tool I like to recommend is AdEspresso.  It eliminated the need for me to hire a VA just for my ads.  You can start a two-week free trial by clicking here --> AdEspresso  (yes, this is my affiliate link, but I highly recommend them).

3. Bigger isn’t always better.  Here’s how I like to describe this to my students.  Think of it as a fisherman casting a giant net into the ocean.  The bigger you try to make it, the more expensive it’s going to cost to make, along with the added cost of manpower trying to get it out there.  However, if you go smaller, you're not covering as much area, but you’re going to be much more cost-effective.

When you’re trying to match interests that your audience will have don’t go for the massive pages.  Find ones that are smaller in terms of page likes, and you’ll discover your costs will go down.

4. Remember there is a difference between a warm lead and a cold lead.  When you run an ad to your current list, or people who like your page, etc, that’s treated more as a warm lead.  They have some idea of who you are already, and you should be able to convert them much more quickly.

When your ad is getting in front of people who have never heard of you before, that’s going to be a cold lead.  So you may need to change wording, pics, etc, when you’re running ads to the different type of people.  Not all of these should be treated equally.

5. Start small.  Then do more of what’s working really well, and less of what’s not working at all.  Yes, simply concept, but not enough people follow it.  If you’re paying a ridiculous amount of money on a conversion that’s not converting to purchasers (or whatever it is you’re trying to do with the client), turn it off, and keep testing.  However, you do need to give your ad a few days to start getting your true results.  The first few days will be a bit skewed towards the negative side.

Have any questions about Facebook Ads?  Post them below, and I would love to help you out.  They've been, by far, the biggest difference maker in my business thus far!


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