Debunking the 'Hope Deposit' Business Myth

I see this one all of the time, the story of what I like to call the 'Hope Deposit'. Someone is at their wits end. Their business is crumbling.  They just can't get it together.  They are on their. last. dime.

And then it happens.

They borrow money, or put it on their credit card... That program.  That conference.  That 'thing' that takes them from rags to riches.  It's like magic, and suddenly by making that investment in themselves, EVERYTHING changes.

It's a great story, and yes, you need to invest in yourself.

However, let me be clear that making that payment or borrowing that money, does not magically make all your problems go away.

You have to apply what you learn.  You have to take MASSIVE action behind that program or event.  You can't just hope that everything changes by osmosis.

That's the part they often leave out.  What they did after that program or conference to really make them the success that they are.  They don't say how they applied those principles, and too often I see entrepreneurs in a last-ditch effort, trying to make that deposit that will change everything.

Before you make that next payment, or borrow that last dime, ask yourself, how you're going to apply the principles that you learn to truly make a difference in your life and business?  What are you planning to do afterwards?

Because after is what is going to change your life, not the during.

So before you borrow the 'hope deposit' make sure you have a plan in place, and you're ready to take the massive action required to truly turn things around.  A payment does not change your life, willingness, desire, and action does.

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Have you made the 'hope deposit'?  Did it turn out in your favor, and if the answer is 'yes', what did you do to make it happen?


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