[Branded Podcast Secrets] Building Her Clientele Base Through Bite-Sized Content


A writer's coach who coaches writers through podcasting? Yes, it's exactly what Ann Kroeker decided to do back in 2014, when she was trying to figure out a way to help more people through coaching and blogging was taking up more time than she liked. Anne is also the prime example of start where you as, as she learned how to find better hosting, and create opportunities for more potential clients to find her podcast. Finding her own style and knowing her audience was everything as she developed the perfect length of content to help them get what they needed, yet wanting to come back for more. In this episode of Branded Podcast Secrets, Ann shares what has worked well for her, and how she got a bump with listenership, and some of the most important lessons along the way. Want to learn more, visit: https://annkroeker.com/everything/

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