[Branded Podcast Secrets] How Podcasts Became A Company's #1 Lead Generator

When she was falling behind on her own blog posts, she felt there had to be a better way to get content out to her audience.

Amy’s podcast evolved from a solo show to interviewing guests that her audience would find interesting, and since then it’s become her #1 generator of leads. Through her evolution, she’s found a desire to just be herself, and has allowed herself to dig deeper into her work and finding the content that resonates the most with her audience.

How is she monetizing? She’s running her own ads to her business, creating specific downloads, and encouraging people to schedule calls.

If you’d like to listen to Amy’s podcast, visit: https://austinmarketingoncall.com/blog/

To learn more about her business, visit: AmyAustinMarketing.com

If you're interested in starting your own branded podcast, feel free to set up a 1:1 Consultation with me here: https://calendly.com/erin-gregor/podcasting_consult_30


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