[Branded Podcast Secrets] Another Podcast That Launches a Career


We’re sharing another story where the podcast was actually a stepping stone to start a new business.

When the pandemic struck, Shannon Andress found herself face to face with anxiety she had stuffed for a while. Fear and anxiety started to get the best of her, so Shannon decided to do something about it.

After talking to someone and taking on daily practices that focused on her, Shannon decided to take the next step and start talking to others about it, only to discover this wasn’t just happening to her. That's when the podcast You Got This! - The Journey was born.

As the podcast grew, more doors started opening for Shannon, where she was able to start a business from it.

Shannon shares her journey from starting the podcast to where it is now, and how she’s had to shift her mindset from just an opportunity to share to something that’s truly changing not just her life, but the life of others.

You can find Shannon's podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/you-got-this-the-journey/id1556378402


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