Are You Losing Out On Free Money?

I need someone to explain the latest phenomenon to me.  This whole, I need to get you off my email list, if you're not reading it consistently, thing.  I just don't get it.

I recently had John Lee Dumas ( email me pretty incessantly asking me why I wasn't opening emails, and if I even really wanted to be on his list.  Then more emails about why I wasn't reading the ones asking me why I wasn't reading the other ones.  I have to admit that I was pretty annoyed, and if I hadn't been at a stop light when I read a few, I would have unsubscribed immediately.

Lucky for him, I was multitasking that day because I forgot about it when I got home.  Two months later I saw his Mastermind group offer, and I handed him $600 of my money (with potentially more to come).

Actually, let me just throw out a number:  $3100

That's how much money I have spent by seeing offers from emails I typically never read, in just the past six months.  You see, I have a business I am building, and as much as I would love to read your emails all day, I can't.  I would never build my business if I did.  I use Enroll Me, but every now and then I go through that email quickly to see what I might be missing.  And if I see something I like, I buy.

I feel like if I told you that I liked you, and told you I would like to hear from you, why am I constantly forced to have to justify that?  Leave me alone.  Let me be with my family.  Let me work my business.  I know where you are.  I know where to find you, and when I want to hear your podcast, watch a video, or read your stuff, I will gladly go there, and do just that.  I like you, I really do, I just can't open your emails day in and day out.

So my question is, have you jumped on this phenom of asking your list to leave if they're not opening all of your emails?  I'm afraid to tell you, if you are, you could be missing out on money.  Actually, a lot of money.


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