17 - Mike Ahnemann - How He Took His Love of Mountain Biking and Made A Living From It

business strategy | Nov 30, 2017

Mike Ahnemann’s story is near and dear to my heart.  It was a year ago, when he went from being my boss in the corporate world to telling us he was going to follow a dream.  Now, one year later, all he does is mountain bike all day for his company MTBProject.com.  Totally kidding, but he is living the ultimate dream by taking a passion and making a living out of it. 

I held off on this interview, waiting until I finally let my corporate job go, and was so excited to catch up with Mike on the anniversary of the day he left the Corporate America world, for a dream of bigger and better things.

Mike had a very niche skill set in the corporate world and ended up at a start-up company, where he lead a team for five years.  It was when Mike and a friend, who had success in a previous venture, saw a big need in the mountain biking community, that he saw a huge opportunity to do break out to do his own thing. Things fell into place when they landed a big...

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If You Build It, Will They Come? Five Steps To Keep Up Your Entrepreneur Momentum

business strategy | Nov 30, 2017

You have this amazing business idea, and you know that you're the absolute best person for this 'job'.  You are beyond the moon excited and everything seems to be falling into place, letting you know that you're on the exact path you need to be on.  But when you put it out the world, no one is really jumping....

I think this is probably one of the hardest things for me, as an entrepreneur, that I've had to overcome.  Every time I move forward with a business idea, I get really excited, start pushing forward, and then become frustrated when not everyone is jumping on my bandwagon right away.  I always forget that people have to learn to trust you, learn that you're legit, and that businesses don't just explode over night.  However, no matter how many times I've learned this lesson, it's still hard to accept and take-in.  

I think the best analogy for entrepreneurship is a giant hill.  A really big giant hill.  There are days that you can push...

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16 - Tip Tuesday - How To Write a Sales Letter That Converts with Rachel Rofé

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

Rachel Rofé is back for another great talk with us, and this time we’re going to breakdown the world of copywriting and sales letters.

This is a super important topic because if you own a business of any kind, whether it be product or service based, you need to sell your item in order to make money.  You can put it out there and hope for the best.  Or you can create a great offering, and detail that offering with great copy, which will put you at a massive advantage.

Rachel is here to breakdown the three steps we need to take for a killer sales page.

1. Create an Offer That Your Audience Really Needs

A lot of times people don't do their research and create an offer that their audience really doesn't even want.  One of the best things you can do is to talk to people and find out what they're willing to buy for a problem you can solve.  You can use your current audience and list if you have one, and simply ask them via email or even a survey....

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24 - Tania Reuben of Pure Natural Diva

starting a business | Nov 29, 2017

After growing up in a pretty unconventional environment, Tania left behind her ‘natural roots’.   However, after becoming a mom she started to become more aware of the bad product in so many of our beauty product.  She started getting more interested in the topic and decided to start a blog (after everyone kept asking her the same questions).  From there, that passion and hobby became a bit time-consuming.  She decided to officially turn it either info a full-time business or settle on a hobby.

She decided to take her wealth of knowledge and just make her own company from it, by making her own natural beauty line.

What was your first step in starting a skincare line?  Research.  She’s super big on research and decided to find out first if this was something she could do herself or if she needed to find someone else to do it for her.  Once she decided she could do it on her own, she made a contingency plan that if she...

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09 - Tip Tuesday with Andrea Travillian - Five Financial Steps To Take To Get Ready for Self Employment

business strategy | Nov 29, 2017

Nothing is scarier than saying good-bye to that steady paycheck and going out 100% on your own.  Andrea Travillian of Take A Smart Step is giving us five steps that we can make to get ourselves more prepared to make that plunge.

1. Learn To Live on Much Less Than You Make.  There are no general guidelines, but it’s really about understanding your goals, and the dollar amount it’s going to take to get to those goals.  Then it’s just about filling in that gap.

Instead of trying to set specific rules, it’s best just to try to work backwards into your numbers.  Find the gap between what you’re currently bringing in from your business to where you need to be to match your current income.  Set six months of that gap aside, and then the longer you can get that gap to work for you, the better.

2. Have An Emergency Fund.  Have one for your personal fund, and also have one for your business.   Six months is the minimum you...

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10 - Julie Wilson - Spa Owner at Body Kneads, Etc

podcast | Nov 29, 2017

When I first met Julie, she was living in the corporate world traveling five days a week.  A move to Nashville, TN because of her husband's job made her re-evaluate what she wanted to do with her life.  So what did she decide to do?  She became a Massage Therapist and launched a spa with her daughter in Lebanon, TN. 

Not only is she surviving four years later, their business is THRIVING.  Each year, they're maintaining incredible growth rates and amazing survey ratings from their clients (98% when the average is around 80%).

Julie shared with us how she got started, what she has done to stand out from a typical spa and make them different, and how she's made a partnership work with her daughter.

Just some of my favorite quotes from this interview are:

'From day one, I think that you need to run your business as if you were a billion dollar company.'

‘I was going to concentrate on rewarding my clients that were already there.’


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Podcast 11 - Tip Tuesday - Five Steps and Insight for Getting Your Book Created and Published with Rachel Rofé

podcast | Nov 29, 2017

As some of you are embarking on your business journey, a book might be the furthest thing from your mind.  Instead, you should really move it more to the front because it could actually help you propel your business.  Rachel Rofé of RachelRofe.com came to talk to us about five simple steps to getting your book from an idea to into the hands of your potential clients.  (If you have any more interest on this topic, Rachel offers a great class with even more details about how you can get your book written quickly and great promotions.  You can find out more info here:  Kindle Class.)

How does writing a book improve your business?  It helps to get you in front of people (for example, on Amazon) that you may not have gotten in front of before every writing that book.  It also puts you immediately in that expert category once you have something published.  It's instant credibility.

It’s also great if you're starting a business to...

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08 - Becca Piastrelli of The Dabblist

starting a business | Nov 29, 2017

No matter what you're doing in life, you should never set your creative juices on the back burner.  After coming home on the weekends, completely drained by the work of her corporate job, Becca Piastrelli took this to heart and started nurturing her creativity through a blog.  When her posts started gaining momentum on Pinterest, she figured she might be on to something.  That's when The Dabblist went from something a little fun to a full fledge career!

Becca had an incredible story to share with us about her journey from Corporate America to entrepreneurship.

How exactly did the Dabblist.com come about?  What started as a weekend outlet to discover and nuture creativity, turned into a blog, and then launched into tons of shares on Pinterest.  When Becca realized she was looking more forward to her weekends than her weeks, she decided it was time to take the plunge.  It was six months ago, and she hasn't looked back!

What was the first step you made...

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Podcast 12 - Stephanie Burg - A Journey From Professional Ballet Dancer to Holistic Health Coach

podcast | Nov 29, 2017

So what would you do if all you had known all your life was suddenly taken from you?  Well, luckily many of us will never have to answer that question.  However, Stephanie Burg was on the other side of that when she found herself partially disabled after a neck injury and unable to continue with her ballet career.  Stephanie has such an interesting journey to her new career, and she sat with us to share her story.

Some of my favorite quotes from this interview are:

‘Don’t be afraid of the fear, just feel it and do what you were called to do.’

'Patience is essential.  In terms of business, things take so much longer than you expect them to.’

'Your relationship to your business is just like any other relationship that you have to nurture and build.’

So how did you come to be a Health Coach?  Stephanie started as a professional ballet dancer.  After various injuries, she started to realize that she was going to have to look...

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Podcast 13 - Super Easy Steps To Do It Yourself PR with Maggie Patterson

podcast | Nov 29, 2017

If you're starting a new business, you might be thinking that PR is something that you shouldn't even think about because you can't afford an expensive PR firm.  However, don't think that way just yet because Maggie Patterson, a Communication Strategist and Copywriter with MaggiePatterson.com is here to help us navigate the PR world and find ways (and great ways) to do it yourself.

What exactly is PR?  Is it marketing? PR is really a subset of marketing.  It encompasses everything from employee communications to media relations.  However, people strictly think of publicity.

Do you need to have a press release and how do you determine that?  According to Maggie, people really don’t need to use a press release.  It’s all about telling your story, and there are so many ways you can tell your story.  Press releases are great for people who may need to show earnings or winning a new customer.  Instead you can do things like guest...

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