99 - Tip Tuesday - Making Sure You're At Your Prime As An Entrepreneur with Adria DeCorte

Starting and building a business can be very time-consuming, and so many times the first thing that gets put on the back burner is our health. Adria DeCorte of AdriaDecorte.com, along with the Feed Your Hustle Podcast shared some great tips on small things you can do to make sure your energy is optimized!

Adria worked for the government for several years as a Plant Scientist. Before that, she had been gaining weight slowly, and hit a point where she stepped on the scale and realized she was the same weight as her husband. It was at that point, where she no longer wanted to concentrate on the limitations, but she concentrated on what she could do.

This led her to have more energy, and started thriving in her government job. However, she found herself focusing too much on being perfect. So she pulled back a little bit to find balance.  It was at that moment, where she learned to listen to her body, was when she realized that what she really wanted was to do something on her own. That’s when she launched her business.

How can eating right really improve your business? Adria shared a story of when she splurged one morning on a waffle. She found herself later that day, unable to concentrate. After trying and failing at getting anything done, she took a nap. Sure, she was able to do that, that one day. However, had that happened every day or a speaking event, etc, we’re just not at our peak!

Eating right will help you bring more clarity and focus, and even positivity and optimism.

What are some tips you have where people can really start implementing this change? Adria tells us how it’s all in the kitchen. First, she suggests to really create possibilities in your fridge. You want to be able to open it up, and see possibilities of what you could make.

Adria also suggests getting meal templates. You don’t want to look at it as specific recipes, etc. You want to put some more general ideas of what you’re eating versus being specific about every specific thing you’re eating. This will allow you to create something fresh, without the giant mental bandwidth.

Tip #2 is to prep in advance. Start using your weekends just to prep a little bit in advance. This will allow you to create meals that will help fuel your day. Or just even take advantage of an extra hour within the day to start planning.

Tip #3 is to keep a stocked fridge. Just make sure you have the ingredients of the things that are crucial for you to be eating exactly what you want to be eating.

Adria suggests that you really do things to make sure you keep it simple, and it should be easy.

More About Adria:   Adria DeCorte is a Healthy Living Strategist, helping female entrepreneurs simplify kitchen time so they can eat meals that fuel hustle and have the energy to change the world. She has an M.S. with 6 years experience as a Plant Scientist and now creates entrepreneurs personalized plant-powered meal plans and healthy living strategies designed to fit in their unique schedules while powering their incredible business and lifestyle goals.

Adria will take the TEDxWomen stage in May 2015 with a talk titled “How food fuels hustle” and is passionate about her movement of women change-makers taking care of themselves in small but significant ways. She also hosts the Feed Your Hustle podcast where she talks with successful female entrepreneurs about the self-care balancing act behind their business.


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