90 - Tip Tuesday Confidence and How it Affects Your Business with Jenn Scalia

When you are looking to step into the world of creating and owning your own business it takes a special person to be an entrepreneur. You truly have to have the heart for your business and the passion to drive it where you want it to go. Creating the idea is simple but bringing what you want and why you want it is the part that takes work. Without confidence in what you have, want, and will have, you tend to fall into a downward spiral of the idea and you lose sight of direction. The most meaningful ideas and biggest accomplishments is when you celebrate the little things in your business. Take the steps to make it happen and over time it will.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a confidence coach and business mentor? Jenn started out about two years ago and really was just a regular life coach. She was not really sure what niche she wanted to be in so she was trying to figure out what was the best fit. What she realized is that she was really good at helping people see what they were worth and so that is where the confidence piece comes in. Before starting this journey she was a relationship coach and helped women address and get out of situations where they lacked confidence in themselves for various reasons, but really helping them find their inner peace. Once she helped them find their inner peace then she was really able to help them build the confidence in themselves and that is how her journey became full circle. Now working with entrepreneurs it allows her to give them the confidence in their business and how to make it successful.

How can confidence affect your overall business? When a client first starts working with her they really have no idea that it is the confidence that they are lacking. Most clients have it in their mind that they just need another course or another program to make it all click. When really it is this whole inner peace that is either attracting or repelling from them and when you do not have that alignment in what you are doing then that is where the struggles come in. She helps get in touch with her clients customer base, whatever it may be so then customer will gravitate back to her client's business.

How do you determine if it is a lack of confidence issue? When something really starts to take a toll on your overall health and mindset that’s when you know it is a deeper issue. A lot of confidence issues come from some sort of fear that you have and you start to break down and that is when things get ‘icky’. She works on the upward spiral and shifting the downward direction of your mindset. When a person really looks at the positives in what they are working with and allows the mind to really look up in a matter of perspective, this is when everything starts working.

Are there any internal thoughts that seem to be an indicator and have a pattern behind them? It is the little things more so and one of the reasons that it is hard for a person to admit, such as doubting yourself or making excuses for everything. Instead of going out there and saying you are going to kick ass in your business you have the mindset that you can’t do something. Then the little things start to creep up and instead of owning it and moving past it you take the excuses and run with the excuses. Rather than running with what makes you feel good or what you are really good at. This may be a good way to indicate that you need help with honing in on what your specialties are and what you do best. A lot of times people focus on the bad part instead of practicing to focus on the good stuff and having a mindset shift.

What can you do to get the courage and the inner thoughts to keep going in a positive manner? When you are really having doubts, think of this one thought, ‘Who Cares’. It is really about taking everyone else out of the equation and checking in with yourself. If you are passionate about what you have and what you know then why would you allow someone else to stop you. At that point, you check in and say is it the outside resources and what someone is thinking or is it ‘me’ and do I feel like I did not deliver on this. So when you are really in line with what you do and you are passionate about it then the confidence is there.

How do you get over the perfectionist feel, when you are getting good feedback and testimonials?   You have to celebrate the wins, big or small. An example, may be to copy and paste a testimonial into the notes on your phone so you can remind yourself of the good that you are doing for others. You have to celebrate the wins and know that they are all in your favor and you are in the right direction. The more you celebrate the more they will start to show up.

Describe living your purpose and how that aligns with confidence. As a personal experience, when she was doing the relationship coaching it was what was going on in her life at that moment. Friends were coming to her and asking for advice, she felt that she was good at it so that is where she started, as a relationship coach. Just like when someone leaves corporate American they feel that they have to do something because they are good at it. Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean that you have to do what you are good at and only what you are good at. It is all about finding out what you love and what you are good at and finding something that has both of those elements, not just one. There has to be a little bit of stretch outside the norm of what you think you are good at otherwise you will end up resenting the decision that you make and the direction that you are going. If you feel fear move past it and just do it. This the only way that you can truly gain the confidence and get the clarity in what you want to do.

How do you get people out of the sideways looking mentality?   Business is always an evolution, in which things that you are doing in business this year you may not be doing next year. Really look at a person’s story, everyone has one, and most of the people who you compare yourself with are so different that it is like comparing apples to oranges. You can be an excellent coach or service provider but it takes a very special person to be an entrepreneur.

You can find more about Jenn Scalia at: www.jennscalia.com or on Twitter @jennscalia.

More about Jenn Scalia: Jenn Scalia is a confidence coach and business mentor for coaches and online entrepreneurs. She helps them up their confidence and visibility so they can get more clients and make more money.


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