68 - Tip Tuesday - Video 101 for Your Business With Holly Gillen

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

Holly Gillen has a very inspiring background for those trying to find what they love. Moving forward after a hurdle, Holly was lucky enough to come across her passion; videography. After working with the right people and packed with all her experience she established VideosByHolly.com and zerotovideohero.com

Holly joined us today to discuss all about Videos. Videos can be a very good way to connect with your audience. However, people have blocks and hurdles when it comes to being filmed that is it often brushed off. Holly is here to help us jump through those hurdles and embrace videos and all its perks.

What is video important, and what gives it an edge? Some people would wonder why they need do videos when they can write blogs post or podcast. Videos offer you as a whole package to the audience. They can see your face and hear your voice, and grasps your personality which allows them to easily see your expertise. Videos allows your audience to connect with your passion, so much faster as compared to what's written on paper.

How do you get past blocks and hurdles? Some people hates the sound of their voice. Others do not like seeing themselves on film. For all those fears and blocks Holly's advice is to just do it. Let go. Pick up your camera and start recording yourself.

Practice can go a long way. Sometimes your authentic self doesn't always happen right away. We're not use to seeing and hearing ourselves on film, so we tend to immediately reject the idea if it does not meet our expectations. It's always a matter of how comfortable you are about yourself.

Start by filming yourself and talk about ideas. The more you do it, the more comfortable you are. Keep on going, keep on practicing and remember that you wouldn't get past a hurdle until you move forward.

What do I talk about? Your topic really depends on your video goals. Ask your audience; start by transforming your popular blog posts into videos. You can start dumping ideas on a piece of paper and start dissecting it from there. Find patterns, ideas for series and ideas you can combine. You can even turn your FAQs into a video. You don't have to limit yourself, think outside the box and think of an idea.

What do you record with? You don't always have to start with the most expensive camera equipment. Don't have a camera? An iPhone or any smart phone with HD camera will do.  No proper lighting? Use the sun. Start with what you already have and build from there.

You don't need a large budget to complete the professional triangle; audio, graphics, and lighting.

One way to achieve a great video is to a find a way to stabilize your camera. It doesn't matter if you buy an expensive tripod or just tie your iPhone with a rubber band to a jar. No one even sees that side of the production, and as long as you got your footage, your are good to go.

Audio is really important, no one would want to watch a video where they can't hear you. If you're using an iPhone you can a purchase a RoadMic for $60-$80.

Experiment with lighting, play around it, practice and find the overall feel. Different times of the day have different kinds of lighting effects. It would also do you wonders if you know how to use your equipment.

What makes a good video? A good video should be concise, start the video by telling your audience what to expect. Try and serve a purpose with the video and present it right away. A great video is; entertaining, exciting, inspiring, engaging and educational. Try to make your videos with a least one, if not more of those characteristics.

It is also important to get straight to the point. Your time is important and so is your audience', don't add a lot of fluff just be as concise as possible.

What about the recommended video length? Video length and time would depend on what you are talking about.

One key to a good video length is to know what you want to say. Have an outline that will help you to be concise and discuss straight to the point.

How about practice? Writing scripts in a conversational tone can help you while recording. After finishing your script, you can come back to them to make revisions and practice. Remember to use your script as a guideline but never recite from it.

Outtakes will happen, do not get frustrated if they do. However the more time you spend with your material before recording, the higher the chance for you to finish earlier.

Do you really need an intro? Intros help solidify your brand. Having it allows you to be consistent and it can take your videos to the next level. Even a simple image can make a big impact.

How about editing? Editing takes a lot of planning and time as well. The key to a good edit comes from a good preparation. Good preparation means lesser outtakes, lesser edits and less time spent.


Videos can be really helpful for your business. It can help you build yourself, your client and your skills. People will be afraid, have blocks and hurdles, but practice makes you better. So what are your waiting for? Just do it.

If you want to find more about Holly and her video challenges just head over to VideosByHolly.com and zerotovideohero.com.

More About Holly:  Holly started her freelance career in 2008 as a Videographer, Producer, and Editor working with big industry names including the Sundance Channel, Sony Music, Nick.com, HBO, Bono, Big Time Rush, Forest Whitaker and many others.

Her skills and experience run the full gamut from producing and directing to shooting and editing, and she has translated those skills into a range of services to support entrepreneurs in their quest for video stardom.
Holly believes that video isn’t “just” video; it’s your ticket to a more personalized brand, your secret weapon to cut through the noise in your market, and your best opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with your clients and prospects (that converts to dolla-dolla bills!).

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