63 - Tip Tuesday - Marketing Outside of Facebook Ads With Annette Reid

starting a business | Dec 01, 2017

When it comes to advertising your start-up the typical easy answers are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. However, there is a whole world outside of these two, and I had Annette Reid of Digital Insights come and talk about other options to get your name and business in front of others.

Display ads can be one of the first things you use to market your business. Big Data allows you to get really granular about who you target. All of the browser information is saved, and it’s called re-targeting. You can get very granular in who you’re targeting. It’s no longer about going after a big bucket, and you can run your ad much like a pay-per-click campaign.

You can advertise to the people who know you, and then re-target to the people who may have just gotten to know you.

This also isn’t about setting something up where you follow people only to certain websites. But you’re actually following them to any website that they go to.

What’s the average cost for a display ad? The average cost per thousand is about $6-$8.

What’s a good click rate? .08% Because the targeting is so granular they typically are pretty good clicks.

Should a display ad go to an opt-in then vs. a sales page? Yes, it’s definitely the same rules.

The second medium you can use is through Pandora Ads.   You do have to work with them directly, and they don’t broker their ads. However, you can be specific to locations of where your ads play. You can get as granular as a zip code, gender, genre, age, and other specifics about who hears your ad.

Pandora has 3 different ad units you can buy into. The first one is the audio ad unit where you can buy either a 30 or 60 second segment.   They then also have video ads and display ads.   The average cost per 1,000 impressions would be about $10-$12.

How much does it cost to typically produce a radio ad? Annette works with a local studio. It typically costs about $500-$600 to produce, but you can get several different versions of it. You can also try odesk

What’s a good return rate? The average click-through rate is just like a display ad. However, it can be just a little higher, like 1.2%   Pandora is a really a medium for Business to Consumer.

The third option is video pre-roll. Gone are the days where the only place you can do a video advertisement is television.   You can now do video pre-rolls where your ad goes in front of another video that someone is trying to watch.   The click-through rates are typically 3—5% higher than those of display ads. The cost per thousand is higher. It’s typically about $25, but the difference between that is still significant.

Another way to advertise is by buying email lists.  You can buy them through Gannette or Dallas Morning News. You can get granular too, but the only downside is that they don’t send the list with you. They’ll just send the emails on your behalf.

You can send as low as 8 cents per email. However, you do have to buy a minimum.

What do you usually expect as return? You can see click-through rates as high as 9%.

More About Annette:  Annette has over 15 years of top performance and experience in Marketing, Media Sales, Media Buying/Planning, working with some of the top media companies such as Time Warner Cable, CBS Radio, Belo, McClatchy. Areas of expertise are B2B Sales and lead generation, Web Marketing and Online Media, Social Media, TV and Radio Advertising, Print, Marketing Promotions, Reputation Management, SEO, SEM, Market research and analysis.

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