54 - Chandra Achberger - The Multipassion Entrepreneur Juggle

Chandra has always had the entrepreneurial spirit.  She started her current business, after what she felt like was a failure.  She had a product that had been approved to be in Neiman Marcus.  It was at that moment where she felt that her heart wasn't in it, so she stopped the business.

She then moved to Moxie Moguls with the idea she could help and consult with people to help them stop feeling overwhelmed in their business.  Her business model ended up being mostly consulting.  She decided in order to be able to leverage herself more and help other people, she needs to putting together a podcast, and some courses.

Chandra also has a business called Photogher and it helps people build and start their photography business.  She also helps people who learn how to take better pictures.  Chandra is also a mom who is giving home schooling a try.  She had never imagined being the stay at home/home schooling mom, but she's having to find her feet in this new role.

She also has a foundation that she started with her sisters when her brother passed 10 years ago.  They're having a big corn hole tournament in a few months.

How do you approach your marketing for the businesses?  Instead of separating everything, she's helped to mesh it all together.  She has one website with just her name, linked to everything.  Then all of her accounts are linked to everything.  She does a lot of in-person meeting.  If she likes what someone is doing, she finds a way to meet with them.  

She also does a ton of automating with her business.

What has been some big challenges for you?  She did try this several years ago when she launched her first business.  She always liked to have a lot going on, but with young children her idea of balance was a bit different from reality.  She has found the challenge isn't so much the time in the day, it's just the mental drain.  She has decided her life will be full of late nights from now for a while.  

She has made a pact that she finds time for the things that she wants to do.  It's been a big year of pivoting for her, and to see what works and what doesn't, and then just being brutally honest with herself.  

We talked a lot about time and 'having the time' to do the things you want to do.  It's really all about finding and making the time to do what's really important to you.  You can't complain about the things that you don't have when you're not making the time to get there.  It never gets easier, but you just have to figure out a way to make it all happen.

How do you figure out the priorities for your businesses?  It's really figuring about what's giving her the most energy.  Right now PhotogHer is giving her great energy, and so she decided to concentrate on that right now.  She's been wanting to do a course and was pushing her back, and it's now started some momentum in that area.  So she's concentrating on that the most right now.  When something picks up steam and gaining momentum, then she concentrates on that.  

If something is working, then she keeps going.  However, if it's not working or the energy isn't right, she then takes a step back to figure out where it's going.  You don't want to be too ADD, but you do want to see the direction that something is going into.  You have in your mind whatever it looks like to get to the next goal.  The goal is still there, but the path changes.  It's going to look different when you get to that spot.  

We talk about valuing yourself.  You HAVE to value yourself, and stick to your guns on that.  It's one of the biggest things you need to work through before you even start your business.  Don't take the people who are hoping for discounts because they will demand the most from you.  

Chandra talks about the next big challenge when you have to charge more than what you would pay.  You have to either level up or trading time for money.  You have to wrap your head around that not everyone is your ideal client.  

What's next for you?  Coming up Chandra has a book that she's going to finish before the end of the year.  She's also doing a course that's a mesh between photography and the Moxie Moguls.  It's all about helping the businesses with photography.  

You can find Chandra at Moxie Moguls and PhotogHer.

More About Chandra:  Chandra Achberger is an autodidact, serial entrepreneur, renaissance woman who strives to help others achieve their personal, business goals and take action. Un/Homeschool mom to two in Austin, Texas--by day. Multi-media mentor, owner and artist by night. Involved in web development, multi media, marketing, team building & instruction for 15+ years.   She's driven to create meaningful connections, implement media solutions, establish social communities & increase engagement while she provides relevant resources, practical social solutions & mentorships.


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