47 - Tip Tuesday - Utilizing Keywords with Jayne Rios

Jayne Rios of Express Yourself E-learning, Jayne has been creating websites since 1996.  Back then she would use meta-tags and utilize keywords.  It’s still how Google finds you, however, the technology has changed.  

She started really getting involved in Internet Marketing, which is all about utilizing keywords.  She’s been helping others do this for five years now.

What does it mean to utilize and how do I do that?  A keyword can be anything like a topic, or just a term.  Whenever you go into Google, you type in what you want to find.  Essentially, that’s your keyword.  When you type that into a search engine, it goes out for all the websites are out there and looks for that exact term that someone typed in.  They look for that in their content, page title, and their headlines.  

So when that person searches that list of Google comes up, those are matching what the person searched for versus what’s on the person’s page.

First, you have to know what your keywords really are.  Now, when knowing that, it can’t be just about what you do.  You have to find what people are actually using as terms to search.  

How do you actually figure out what your customers are searching?  Google has a keyword tool.  It used to be able to go to a website and find it, but now you have to go through the AdWord tool, and pretend you’re going to start a campaign.

You do have to have a Gmail account along with an AdWords account.  Go to Google.com/adwords.  Once you’re in to the dashboard, you’ll find the button that states ‘keywords’.  Then click on the link for keyword tools.  Put in what you think what your customer is searching for, and then it will give you like phrases to see who is searching for that item.

It will show you how many people a month are actually searching for that keyword.  You want to make sure you have a page named that, along with the header.

When looking for keywords, do you go for the bigger search items or try to be a bigger fish in a smaller pound?  If you’re going to try to go for big, then go for the AdWords.  However, if you’re going to go for smaller terms, then you can go for the more generic.

You can also really work on narrowing your market down.   Instead of just taking a term, figure out what they’re really looking for?  Think about how you can really help your customers, and then use the keyword tool to figure out what they’re looking for.   Try to find a specific niche in a market, then try to go for that.  

How much should I be using the key term?  You really want to have some sort of end result and game plan.  You need to continue the keywords, and find the momentum around those keywords, you’ll come up in the search engines?

Jayne goes through and highlights the keyword variations that she wants to target.  The variations will be on landing pages and twitter variations.  Really Google will look not only on the title, but the back link.

Jayne really stresses to do this up front versus trying to fill in the blanks on the keywords.  You can direct your posts, and build your business a lot faster.  

Is there a number of searches that you want to target?  It really depends on what your topic is, and what your budget is.  If you’re going for the bigger searches, then you’re going to have to go for the bigger dollars in building that.  

If you want to find people in certain cities, you need to make a landing page for every single city.  You want to be able to target those people individual.  Take advantage of all the inner cities versus just the one large one.

Instead of writing your page for keywords, write it for humans, and then have landing pages with the same info on each page.  All you need to do is change the title and the first few lines of the content.

Jayne also suggests getting the SEO Yoast plug-in for those using Wordpress.  It really takes the guess-work out of setting up your keywords.

More About Jayne:    Jayne Rios has 25 years experience in TV and marketing.  She is the CEO & Founder of two companies and owns an Intellectual Property elearning system.  Her first company, KungFuzos Video Marketing, was founded in 2004. Years ahead of the hot new video trend that is sweeping the marketplace, Jayne proved herself  a visionary entrepreneur.  Jayne was nominated as a finalist for the 2013 Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year by Today's Innovative Woman and the 2014 International Collaborator of the Year Award by the Public Speakers Association.

Jayne is author of The Interactive Author:  Monetize Your Message and co-author of Network to Increase Your Net Worth, Change Your World and The Unsinkable Soul.  She is an entrepreneurial spirit with a heart for serving.  She is the wife of a prime time, major market TV Director, and the mother of two young boys.  She is a cub scout leader, a baseball coach and a life skills coach for teens.  


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