45 - Tip Tuesday - Facebook Campaigns With Nathan Latka

When it comes to gaining more followers for your business, Facebook Ads, seems like the easy choice.  However, it’s also a game of money, tweaking, and analyzing and doing it all over again.  Heyo.com has come to help take the guess-work out, and to gain followers, all for free, using campaigns. 

Nathan Latka Founder and CEO of Heyo.com came by to break down how campaigns work, and how they can save you a lot more money.

Explain how Heyo.com works and how it can be implemented into a business.  Heyo helps businesses market on Facebook. They work with over 2,000 customers and brands on a monthly basis with over 100,000 total users. Heyo allows the business owner to capture your fans’ email addresses. In the world of Facebook, “likes” mean nothing and contact information means everything.

What’s the advantage of using Heyo’s Campaign System?  Facebook’s ad system can be very complex to both operate and target the right audience. New business owners typically do not have the time to leverage this system effectively. Through the Facebook ad system, small business owners are also competing against big businesses which have the staffing and time to generate/test thousands of images, headlines and creatives every day. Over the past 3 years, Heyo.com has launched over 250,000 Facebook campaigns so we understand which campaigns convert highest in every industry. At a minimum, each campaign has been tested thousands of times! At Heyo.com, we customize a campaign ad that is unique to your business based on your Facebook Fan Page. Heyo will then recommend the highest converting campaign rate your business has ever launched based on the product(s) or service(s) you wish to advertise. The new business owner literally gets 3 years of marketing experience in just 3 seconds! We are seeing an average conversion rate on Facebook campaigns at about 35%. In other words, if 100 people view a non-ad driven campaign, 35 opt-in.

What’s the difference between a Facebook Campaign vs. a Facebook ad?  Ads cost money and there’s a ramp up period before you will see a return on your investment. The average start-up business can publish a campaign via Heyo in less than 15 minutes while a Facebook ad typically requires a longer investment of time. It takes a considerable amount of time to select the right graphic and verbage that will convert when posting a Facebook ad. Additionally, ads generally target random people who may not be close to your brand while campaigns allow your business to network with a targeted consumer base. Go to www.Heyo.com for a trial.

If my business is running a promotion or contest on Facebook, do I start with my “friends” and “likes” and hope that targeted audience shares the contest?  Nathan’s campaigns are scientifically structured so that if you only have 5 “likes,” Heyo  can turn a few likes into thousands of email leads. You must get the right incentive by asking your 5 fans what they want from you. From there,  Heyo’s  process is very simple.

Give us an example of a campaign which worked very well for the business owner.  Nate’s favorite campaign was designed for Dylan of Burt’s Chips. The UK-based company hand fries each potato chip and adds unique salt to each chip. They planned an iPad giveaway to promote traffic to their fan page and increase brand awareness. Instead, Nate suggested they give away a bag of Burt’s Chips and its unique salt. As Nate explains, this giveaway cost the company less than $5 vs. an $800 iPad and simultaneously attracted the right audience.  The Burt’s Chips campaign was so successful because the company spent no more than the cost of a bag of chips to garner 4,300 views, capturing 2,700 emails for a 64% conversion rate. Why choose to giveaway a bag of chips and salt over the iPad? You must choose to offer something that emotionally resonates with fans of your brand. Everyone has their own, unique item to give away to an audience.

Give us more ideas for creative campaigns to generate good leads.  A man named Dinesh left the corporate world to become an author and speaker. Dinesh created a Facebook Fan Page and Chad Abbott of Heyo.com helped Dinesh launch a campaign to capture email leads for him. The free giveaway was a signed copy of the book written by Dinesh. The campaign captured 4,501 views and from those views obtained 2,282 emails. Dinesh quadrupled his list overnight by using this strategy.

What is the lifespan of a typical campaign?  When a campaign is launched through Heyo.com, a built-in countdown timer will tell you exactly how long to run a campaign. The timer will automatically set to an optimal time based on historical times of what converts best. While each business campaign is unique, on average you want to run an ad for exactly seven days to create a snowball effect and a sense of urgency.

Explain Heyo.com’s pricing structure.  Most customers pay annually and can launch up to three campaigns at a time throughout the year.

If a campaign is successful, can you repeat the contest/giveaway or should you come up with a different promotion?  Nate says it’s fine to repeat and the best time to announce a new promotion is when the winner is announced from the previous contest. For instance, “Erin is the winner. For everyone who didn’t win, click here to try again next week.” This creates a relationship snowball with your audience.  Make it a call to action.

When fans enter an email address, are they also prompted to share the contest through other social media platforms?  For Chad Abbott and Dinesh’s campaign, when a fan entered their email address they also had the opportunity to tweet the contest out to their followers. It would be against Facebook’s Terms of Service to require fans to share the contest in order to win. However, Heyo.com has an advantage over other sites and excellent conversions ratios due to the fact they have designed the campaigns to make the fan feel like it’s necessary to share with their groups. Heyo is able to get the maximum amount of people to market the campaign.

For businesses that provide a service, is it a good idea to give away consulting hours?  No. Nathan says giving away consulting hours in a campaign is a bust. He recommends switching the offering into something that is tangible. Give away something that ties into your brand of consulting.

Any additional tips or tricks you can provide in creating a successful campaign vs. a Facebook ad?  Nathan suggests that you are missing out if one-fourth of the entire world is logging onto the same digital real estate (Facebook) and business owners are missing out if they are not there to capture those emails. Nathan states that because fifty percent of Facebook users login through a mobile device, campaigns launched with Heyo automatically build the mobile version for their customers as well. Heyo users are also provided with a smart URL to use with their marketing. The Heyo interface will then integrate those emails with your email marketing provider and you can then drop them into an autoresponder. This is just another way Heyo allows business owners to build virtual relationships with prospective customers. 

More About Nathan:  Nathan has a history of start-ups, and is currently the Founder and CEO of Heyo.com.


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