28 - Lisa Jones Tells Us How They Have Made Luxury Dog Hotels a Booming Business

business strategy | Nov 30, 2017

Lisa was lucky enough to become employee #1 for a doggy day care facility in Atlanta, GA, back in 1999.  She made sure that outside of just working there, that she took it upon herself to really learn the business.   She met her now husband, and after the business exploded, they were offered an opportunity to move to Austin.  After they built that facility to a point of turning away business, they helped build a second facility in Dallas.

They were then given the opportunity to buy the two facilities, they worked so hard to build.  After securing a loan, they proudly became business owners.

What was the one thing that was a big switch for them going from just managing to actually owning?  The financial mindset definitely changes when you go from just managing to owning, and understanding now everything really does fall on your shoulders. 

How do they make the employee relationship work?  Lisa has had her managers for her facilities stay 11 and 9 years, which in this industry is absolutely incredible.  Lisa has always understood the line between employees and ownership.   She’s found a balance, of being a boss, but also being understanding.   She also has a closer relationship with her managers.

Being a husband and wife, what have they done to make this work where they’re still married at the end of the day?  They met while working, so they started their relationship in that work atmosphere.  But as Lisa says they’re best friends, and their personalities are so different, business wise, that the combination works great.

Best marketing move they've made?  They work a lot with rescue groups.  They board rescue dogs at their facilities, and they also organize a huge fundraiser called Kibble and Cocktails.  Being heavily involved with the rescue community has been a huge boost to the business, and a bonus because they do get to help so many animals.  They also work closely with a local vet, and they help each other with business. 

The one piece of advice she would give someone trying to get ready to become an entrepreneur?  Figure out what you’re so afraid of, and then tackle that.  You do have to be a little aware of risk, but you can’t be too terrified to make the leap.

The organizations Lisa mentioned were:


More About Lisa: Lisa and Jeremy are the owners of Barking Hound Village Texas.  They met while working in the original facility in Atlanta, GA, married, and helped the owner open his Austin and Dallas locations.  When they were presented with the opportunity to purchase the Texas locations, they jumped on it.     They have two four-legged babies, Banjo and Brownie.  Their motto is: Every dog is a guest with us just once. After that, they become a wonderful member of our ever-growing BHV family.

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