27 - Tip Tuesday - The Top 10 Apps for Business with Rey Brown of Smartphones Made Easy

starting a business | Nov 30, 2017

Rey Brown is the smart phone guy.   He’s all about helping us figure out how to optimize our smartphones and tablets for business.

Refresh – It’s only available for Apple products.  The app syncs with your calendar on your phone.   And then it takes all of your information from social media and gives people ideas around what a particular person has as interests (and to help you try to find common ground). 

Google Now – Every Android phone has this on it (if you bought yours within the last 2 or 3 years).  It will sync with your appointments, and let you know based on current traffic, how long it’s going to take you and remind you when you need to leave so you'll get there on time.  

RSS Feed – (Really Simple Syndication) – You can take all the blogs that you like and put them all in one place.  It’s one source for all of your important news sources, and you can break them out into different categories. 

Cyberdust – A text messaging app that destroys your texts within 30 seconds.  So if someone finds your phone, the text messages will no longer be seen on the phone. 

Google Hangouts – This can be looked at like a FaceTime on steroids.  You can have up to 10 people on the same chat, and it doesn’t matter what phone each person has (Android or iPhone). 

Electronic Business Card – You can fill out all of your contact information in detail on your smart phone, and then send that information to someone you meet, which works just like a virtual business card.

Text Message and Email Automation – You can include up into an entire paragraph with short codes and fill out text messages or emails.

Hootsuite – Social media scheduler app.  It’s great for business because you can get your tweets or Facebook posts and add it to your scheduler versus doing it immediately.  

Mint – allows you to keep all of your business finances in place.  You can check and update right from your smartphone.  

Sync Calendars – It allows you to sync up with other calendars, so you can keep track of what people are doing. 

More About Rey: Rey Brown is a wireless industry insider that spent the last ten years assisting consumers with purchasing decisions when it comes to smartphones and service plans. He has worked with the likes of At&t, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, Best Buy, and most recently Motorola. Through the years he noticed a problem brewing that continues to grow; technology is increasing at a rate faster than the ones using it can keep up. Therefore he decided to turn in his name tag and work on the opposite side of the desk. 

He started a company named "Smartphones Made Easy", his tag line is 'Syncing Life w/ Technology'. He teaches consumers and business how to get and do more with their smartphones and tablets. His exact words are " I should have done this years ago, I am so happy and fulfilled. There is no better feeling than seeing the light in someones eyes that was afraid of technology and now they finally get it". More info can be found atwww.smartphonesme.com

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