22 - Sally Hope and Her Story of College to the LA Band Scene to the Leader of the Wildheart Revolution in Montana

Sally Hope is a Renegade Life Coach and the leader of the Wild Heart Revolution.  It's definitely a hefty title, but she lives up to every ounce of it.

Sally experimented with her free spirit after graduating college.  While all her friends were getting internships and jobs, she decided she wanted to be in a band.  She ended up joining a band, which led to another bad in LA.  Sally ended up spending all her 20’s touring as a musician.

After realizing that she was inspiring people through her work in the band, she thought maybe she should try something else.  As she toured, she became less and less excited about the music aspect, but more inspired by being able to help and inspire others.

She got the idea to look into life coaching, and it sparked something in her to try it.  She went to school, and after a major life change, decided she could run her business from anywhere.  She got into an RV with a friend and her dog, and took off with no plan, but just a map. 

What they found was that people got inspired by that, and so they decided to go out on another trip with more of a purpose.  They decided to do Random Acts of Kindness and volunteer work, and brought someone along to film their adventure.

When she was done traveling, Montana kept calling her, and decided to move to there where she has now set up shop.

So in the coaching business, how are you making money?  She changed from doing 1:1’s for coaching and switched over to the Wild Heart Revolution where it’s a group coaching community.  She offers a membership subscription program for life coaching.  She also opened up a Montana Retreat in September.

First step in her business?  Getting trained and business skills.  She was very inspired by the job itself, but she didn’t understand that there was a business perspective of that.  She encourages others to get their business skills up to par.

Have you had to change from the original course of your business?  The biggest difference she saw was she went from trying to model after other people who were doing well in her field.  She learned very quickly that her biggest asset in her business was herself and her personality.  The more she brought that into her business, the better she did.

What was a marketing win for Sally?  Instead of 'niching' her coaching program, she was all about telling a story and putting herself out there.  She decided to not follow the rules, and showed people it was okay to live by your own rules.

What has been a moment where you knew you were where you were supposed to be as an entrepreneur? When she launched her first day of this new coaching program (something different from what was typically done), within the first hour, she had 50 people registered.  It was a moment that went from fear and uncertainty, to absolutely knowing that she was where she was supposed to be.

What’s a piece of advice you would give someone wants to be an entrepreneur?  If you believe in your heart that you have something you need to, absolutely go for it.  You have to be connected to why you’re doing it because it will help sustain you through the hard times.

What’s a business tool you absolutely can’t live without? Instagram was a huge piece of social media for her business.

More About Sally:  Sally Hope is a former touring musician, RV traveler, and current Renegade Life coach and leader of the Wildheart Revolution where she teaches you how to "Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem and live the life you're put on this planet to live.  For more information about her program or her retreat, you can visit her at www.sallyhope.com.


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