133 - Paving His Own Path To 7-Figures With Rock Thomas

Rock Thomas has a history of successful businesses, and after mastering real estate decided to help others master the skills required to get from six to seven-figures.  He's a Best-Selling Author, Seminar Creator, CEO of Rock Thomas Intl, and M1- March to a Millionaire

Tell me your story, what was in your head in starting your first business from farm kid mentality to being your boss?

Being raised on a farm, having a Good Work Ethic, Skills, Talent, and Connections as a mind frame.

On the farm, I Noticed that the “City Slickers” that took riding lessons on their farm had nothing to do while waiting around, so I decided to put up a table, bring my mom's coffee machine and sold them coffee.  Soon I was also selling them hot dogs because they were also hungry.  From there I got excited to make money. From there I drove a taxi in Austrailia, then modeling in Asia, oh and a pilot's license at the age of 16.

Many people get stuck.  You need to Say "Yes" and figure it out later.  There's not a blueprint.  They get ready, aim, and wait...wait...wait...  People are looking to be motivated or inspired.  You should want to create something great and then move away.

Why did you decide to go into real estate?

I needed to take care of my father.  I moved back with no job, sued the company I had been working for with wrongful dismissal and eventually ran out of money.  I needed to find a lot of money quickly.  I went into real estate with no sales experience, so I hired a coach for sales the piece and listened to Tony Robbins to motivate myself.

It's taking one step in front of the other.  I took the right steps and I found the right mentors.

What were the key components you learned and used to transform your business?

Client acquisition and the Service end.  You don't have a business if you don't have the customer.  I worked hard to find the right customers to hand them to my people to service them. Knock on doors be a lead generator extraordinaire...finding the right people is hard to service them is easier.

You went from real estate to hiring and building a team how did that shift happen?

Staying curious. I am always finding the best person around you to give you results you want. I hired Tony Robbins to keep me motivated.  Butch Harmon, Tiger Wood's coach to improve my golf game.  At the time I worked for Remax in real estate, but later moved to work for Keller Williams.

You should always be looking for the number one person somewhere in your area and take them to lunch.  Pick their brain. “R&D“ Rip off and duplicate.  Don't be creative just copy them.  Wait until you are smart enough and have experience and then “Put in your on special sauce”.

Many people fear rejection.  Do you want to choose the pain of hard work to have a mediocre life or the hard work of an entrepreneur? Most people avoid pain.  I followed the most successful person.  If they got in at 8am, I got in at 8am. If they stayed until 10, I stayed until 10.

Find the best and copy the model.

How do you keep your identity while copying others?

Take their mechanics and habits, then bring in your personality and your own methodology.  You need several mentors because you will resonate parts of some and parts of others.

The starting phase of being an entrepreneur can be intimidating when it comes to mentorship what are some tips or tricks in finding a great mentor? 

1. Remind you of your potential, encourage, and celebrate with you.  They will dig you into that belief.

2. Course correct constantly.  They can help save you thousands of dollars with a decision or a good hire or bad hire.  You will become more productive.

3. Networking.  Access to the right people like the bank, a notary, a teacher in the office. It's an accelerated success, so you don't get frustrated.

Your first mentor, did you pay him or take him to lunch?

I worked for him.  A mentor always has an eye for talent.  Looking for people to add and drive the team.  He saw my work ethic and took me under his wing.   I look for someone who is excited, enthusiastic, coachable, and saw the talent. I  don't like those who just want my time and attention, but not my wisdom.  He eventually sold me his business and moved on to the next phase of his life.

What are some tips you've done well by putting in people in the right place, finding right the people to work yourself out of a job?

I use that saying myself, Working yourself out of a job. I create with the Intention of leaving. I follow the Me- We- They

I will my presentation in front of my protege, having them take notes, the ME.  Then allow to do a 1 to 2-minute presentation, do little pieces, with feedback from me -the WE. When I am confident, I let them give the complete presentation, the THEY.

I see people getting overwhelmed, who are not trained properly, making mistakes.  Then you take it back and complete it yourself.  It never gets delegated and you don't grow properly. Remember, You are one great hire to changing your life.

What is one your greatest accomplishments?

My kids, I have three amazing kids. They never cut each other down, they support each other and celebrate each other's wins. The are givers and are kind-hearted. They are my Proud unsung heroes.  Labels come from parents and mine have empowered my children.

My father used to say, "Don't be a drain on society"   If you want to help the economy, don't be broke.  If you want to help with medical, don't be sick.

It is possible. I have had setbacks and the first million is the hardest.

To connect with Rock, you can visit him at rockthomas.com and insidetheM1.com


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