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starting a business | Dec 04, 2017

Let's be honest, Snapchat got a bad reputation.  Between inappropriate pictures and strange filters, it was the app made just for teenagers.  Then marketers got a hold of it.

Now it can be a great tool for your business, but let it be known it might not be the right medium for all businesses.  Before you close down the potential for this app, make sure you listen to what Jed Record has to say about how you can utilize this tool for your business.

Snapchat is hot right now.   Should a business owner spend time on it, and is it more than vomiting rainbows? Do I have to have millennial clients to make this work?

There are millions of people using this platform and not all of them are millennials.

Is it for every business or only certain types of business?

It's a tough question, but here is a rule of thumb:  What is your brand voice for your company?  Do you express it informal and casual? If so, it's a good fit for Snapchat.  If you have a formal brand, the content may be difficult.

For example, Law firms or B2B firms may not be a good fit to be on Snapchat.  Their target audience may not be the right target client . As opposed to a law firm that does traffic tickets, speeding or other violations.  Snapchat may fit this target customer or demographic.

What is it about Snapchat that makes it work?

Let me tell you why it's a good platform first. People us this platform to express themselves creatively. I believe Snapchat is the most creative platform on social media. It allows them to put content out that is funny or interesting on what they love to share, whether it is food, cooking, or sports.

For businesses putting images and activities that are a good representation of the company is a great strategy. A "Go to" is sharing  the behind the scenes  of your people doing something.  Maybe preparing a meeting or painting the conference room.  It may seem mundane, but it shares your company with the audience.

I love how Shaun Ayala does a great job building a story which an be creative and intriguing to a customer.

He is a pro at it but It doesn't need that much energy to get started. There are no expectations to put out high content, but maybe just a series of snaps.  It can be a picture or video for 10 seconds. A series of 3: set up, action, and outcome. Sharing a single action is totally fine or you could create a story.  For example, you could use something as simple a birthday cake in your office.  You can take a single shot of the cake OR Set up -  for Party, Action, Cake, Outcome.  Maybe show something unexpected after the cake.  Put some thought into it.  It doesn't have to be time intensive.

What's the secret for connecting with people outside of your snaps?

Watch other people's connection doing the same content as yours, comment and communicate with them about that content.  Take it to the next level with your set-up.  For example,  like talking at an event.  The action is what did you do at the event.  The outcome is finding something out about your customer, or getting some feedback.  Engage that audience to build those relationships.

How do you find people to follow?

That is the big issue that people have,  it's a messaging platform, not a social networking platform. You need to broadcast on your other social platform to say come follow me. You will also need a snap code, an image when scanned on phone through the app.  It adds and recognizes contacts in Snapchat.  You can also download your Snapchat to have others find and follow you.

Another great app is Ghost Codes on android and ios. You can search and also upload your own Snapcode to list categories or keywords for your Snapchat

Who are some business you see using Snapchat well? What are they doing on Snapchat?

I see lots of companies experimenting with Snapchat using behind the scenes and  sharing what they do.  Like American Airlines using their Chicago Hub with sights and sounds, a plane taking off or even the unveiling of the 777.

Whereas  American Airlines has done it with no budget, companies like Disney and Pepsi have spent thousands on a huge budget.  American Airlines like the Washington Post have set up free accounts and ask their employees to log in to the account with 10-second videos.  This costs them zero dollars.  Remember there are all types of budgets.

Other techniques and tactics I have seen where companies hire outside influencers who have been very successful in social media to market and influence the media.

Contests are where it's at with huge opportunities.  H&M hid tickets to a popular concert venue in their European stores. There was also a great Hide and Seek Contest.  To follow suit, another local concert venue coordinated with the radio station and added 31,000 followers. Now, they even used the same Snapchat to promote upcoming concerts to those same followers for free.

What about Geo filters, that take pictures and have certain images come over your pictures with impressions. Are they cheap, are they effective or cool?

I am a fan of custom geo filters. Using the GPS on your phone, having a picture or video with a filter layered onto the image at that location, I think is a fantastic opportunity, but still cheap. I feel it's underpriced.

Some cost $5, or $70 for Times Square for  8hr/.day as opposed to a billboard of $1000.

I would suggest stadiums, ballparks, anything traveled by tourist. Great for local business to build awareness around their restaurant or business.

There is a lack of awareness on how to use it or work it. There is not enough data to see how effective it is. There's not a lot of analytics with the use of these filters. It's a start. It's been slow for the adoption of Geo Filters.

There is talk and some predictions of Snapchat going away because of the introduction of InstaStories, Instagram edition? What do you see with this introduction? Do you think they will intertwine?

Facebook owns Instagram. What you are really seeing is the fighting for usage minutes to other apps like Snapchat.  This causes Facebook to duplicate of Snapchat with their version of Instastories on Insatagram.  They are trying to prevent people leaving their site to go to Snapchat. They are just preventing the leakage of in-app minutes and usage,  leaving the app to hop on Snapchat. It may just keep a certain group of users to stay on Instagram.

Snapchat's 3D and augmented reality are Snapchats features and they are coming out with new ways to be creative.  Instagram is unable to do that now without creating a different interface for their users. The two have a different style of media sharing.

I like both apps I love my gallery type format on Instagram for my photos, as opposed to 24-hour disappearance on Snapchat.

If anyone wants to reach out or has more questions, how can they get a hold of you?

Jedrecord.com has different links to help you.

In addition, I have a speaking engagement in Miami during Social Media Week on September 16.   I am speaking with Cathy Hackle on Snapchat.

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