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Shalon Ironroad helps people get organized and prepared to hire someone to start helping in their business.

When you realize that you’re ready to finally make that leap and hire someone to help you take some things over, what are some steps you can take to get yourself ready?   The biggest mistake people usually make is to not make a plan before hiring.  Delegation is a huge fear for a lot of people, and people think it’s something that they need to get over.  However, there’s a reason why you’re hesitant, and you need to get over that in order before you hire.

There are usually two types of people who hire a VA.  The first is someone is so out of control and overwhelmed, and they need someone to come in and really help get things straight and more organized.  The second is someone who has their systems in place, and they’re ready to take on extra projects and just need a person to come in and take over so they can do that. 

For the first one, what usually happens is that once a VA comes in and gets things organized, there’s not much more to do.   

So let's talk about what organized means.  First, they know what their business needs.  They’re not just doing stuff just to do it.  Be some body who has read the book Essentialism, and knows how to say ‘no’ to things in their business.  They know the things that need to be done to move forward.  Everything else falls into place after that.  Another thing is to have a basic scheduling policy.  Know the things that you need, and be very aware of what you need.   Know yourself enough to say ‘no’ to the extra stuff is the best way to be organized.

What’s another step in getting prepared? Take yourself throughout a delete phase, and then let the rest go.  If you bring a VA in before this phase, you’re just trying to keep things in from crashing down.  Yes, it’s awesome to have that extra set of hands, but basically you’re just handing them that pile.

Step 2 is figure out what you can automate.  Now there are so many things people can just automate versus having to hire someone to do it for you.  Now there are automated tools you can do that. 

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Shalon is all about being as self sufficient as possible.  Yes, she has a VA, and she likes her, but she doesn’t rely on her. 

Step 3 - is to figure out what you will generate.  When you hire someone you want to be able to use your time to bring more money in.  If you’re stuck running things along side her, it’s not a good use of your time or hers.  You need to have a plan of what you’ll be doing with that ‘free’ time to how you’re going to bring in more money.

You have to think of terms of return on investment.  That’s the only way your business will grow.

What’s your recommendation when it comes to hiring someone for cheaper with the intent to train versus paying premium dollars for set skills?  If there’s something in your business that you don’t even want to deal with.  Pay someone who knows that and make that a key hiring criteria.  Make it one program, though.  Choose one that’s key and then hire someone based off that.  Don’t try to find someone who knows every single too that you have or might possibly have.  That’s going to rule out a bunch of people. 

When you’re getting ready to hire what are some things you can do to set the relationship up for success?  First, the one question is where can you find someone to start helping you.  The best place Shalon has found was through word of mouth.  Ask your friends.  Utilize Facebook groups and say you’re looking for a VA.  It’s best if you can find someone who is already familiar with your business, and how you operate. 

Communicate with the candidates in the tone you would expect them to be in your business.  It will let them know what you’re like.  Also make sure you have a great agreement in place.  No matter how casual you feel you are in your business, make sure you have someone written up.  It has to say that ‘this is why I’m hiring you’, and you’re an independent contractor, and then the specific things you’re hiring them to do.  List the things that it’s very clear what you’re hiring them to help you with.

What about hiring overseas versus in your own country?  It’s usually go best through a firm when going overseas. Also understand that you’re running a risk if you’re hiring someone to do a lot of work in your business (i.e. giving them passwords, etc).  Hire someone to really be your right hand person.  Instead of hiring them to do a lot of little tasks, have them work with some one to do that little stuff.

One tool is LastPass (lastpass.com).  You can create user accounts for them, and they can have access to your site, but never see your exact password.  Never give a VA a word document with a list of your passwords. 

You can connect with Shalon at ShalonIronroad.com


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