121 - Tip Tuesday - Getting Yourself Legally Intact with Joint Ventures and Courses/Events with Tamsen Horton

You find someone who has a similar audience, you love their message, and you think dang, we need to work on something together.  You reach out to them, they love the idea, you love the idea, you put together a course, and all is rainbows and puppies.

But then something goes wrong.....

Now what?  You're not officially in a business partnership because this course or event was created on a handshake.

  • Who is responsible?
  • Who gets the list of attendees?
  • Who is liable?

All of a sudden all of these questions come up, and you're left trying to figure them out far too late in the game.

Yes, even affiliate marketing is an incredible way to build your business.  However, you should set yourself up so you're protected and planning.  So just in case if something goes wrong, you're covered.

Tamsen and I had been asked to cover this topic, and I was excited because I think it's really an important one.

We talk about:

  • What to think about before you jump into something that feels like a 'no-brainer'.
  • How to protect yourself if you're being featured in someone's course.
  • The questions to ask for your next joint course or event.
  • And how to set-up your affiliate marketing to protect yourself and do what's right for your brand.

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