112 - Tip Tuesday - This Isn't Your Normal Video for Business Podcast with Holly Gillen

podcast | Dec 02, 2017

By now you should know that video can add tremendous value to your business. However, there's so much more to it than just posting a video on YouTube every now and then.  Video adds a personal touch, and allows people to feel more connected to you.

Holly Gillen of Holly G Studios gave some incredible ideas of how you can use video to take your business to a whole new level.

Live Events - Use video if you're attending or speaking at live events.

  • Create a recap of the day
  • Create a sizzle reel - short little video clips about the exciting action that took course at the event.  You can use something like Animoto to put the clips together.   Make sure you have permission to record the event.
  • Live stream presentations or workshops, and upload those as part of your video blog or use it as a bonus for a program, etc
  • Interview people who are at the event.
  • Live stream a mastermind recap of the event
  • Answer questions at events (if you're a speaker).  Is there another speaker or attendee that you would like to collaborate with.


  • Reply to tweets with short video messages instead of texts
  • Thank new followers via a video
  • Share live event info on a video tweet
  • Quick tips/Motivational Quotes/Intentions for the Day all via video


  • Unless the user turns off the setting, the video will auto play
  • Your first few seconds are crucial to get the watch
  • Do not the thumbnail for chance.  Create your own thumbnail
  • Use a video in a Facebook Group as a welcome video in your own group
  • If you have a special themed day in your group, mention that in your video and let people know what's expected of them
  • Highlight a community member and create a video showing what they're doing
  • If people are struggling with a specific topic, then create a video tutorial to teach them
  • Daily motivational quotes/stories, etc.

General Ideas

  • Promote a new opt-in
  • Behind the scenes info
  • Special thank you message.
  • Ask a question
  • Be motivational
  • Collaborate with another business


Client Relations

  • On your sales pages provide thank you and next steps
  • Birthday videos


Internal Communications

  • Tutorial videos (on boarding VA's etc)
  • Employee/Contractor orientation



  • Demonstrations
  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Periscopes from the week and edit them into a highlight reel.


For the complete list of dominating video in your business you can go to: bit.ly/videoisthekey

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