104 - Tip Tuesday - The 10 P's of Success with Sherry Prindle

I heard Sherry Prindle speak a few months ago, and was blown away by what she taught.  If you're trying to figure out how to make money (and not just start a business) by making a difference and doing what you love, Sherry breaks it down in one of the most easily consumable ways I have heard.

She talks about the 10 P's of success, and these P's cover everything from the very beginning to how you can promote yourself and make a living doing it!

1. Purpose - Finding your purpose is a lot easier said than done.  Sherry asks us to think of a first childhood negative memory.  It may not have been the worst thing in the world, however, when we were young, we put a negative meaning behind it.

What really ends up happening is that we make it mean something.  Then when we decide something, we end up developing a strength, and that strength becomes your purpose.

It just becomes something you absolutely can't turn off.

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2. People - You need to figure out your target niche, and who you're going to serve.  When you start really being honest about your purpose, it will be easier to find your tribe.

This is really about getting specific, not just trying to serve anyone that you can.

3. Positioning - Define what makes you unique in the industry, and why they should come to you.  Most of the time it's because you're you.  This is why understanding your purpose is so crucial.  Don't look outside yourself for your positioning.

4. Pain - There are two things that motivate people.  We try to move towards pain and move towards pleasure.  You then need to identify their pain and pleasure.  Instead of creating your marketing around what you offer, sell them on their pain and push them towards how you can create pleasure for them.

Find out what keeps them up at night, and what they worry about.  What pain are they suffering from?  Make a list that may not have anything to do with what you offer as a solution.

Keep digging until you find what's painful enough to get them to move them to take action.  Find your first pain point, then keep asking yourself the question 'so what' to make it deeper and deeper.

What you then turn that pain, and give them a slice of life.  When you're trying to turn that pleasure, make sure you're talking to just one person.  You're not trying to relate to everyone.

5. Pleasure - So you tie them by saying 'are you suffering from X', what if you could X?  So go pain, pleasure, process in that order.  You need to follow the same path as you did the pain.  What can your audience expect to be different by working with you.  Then you have to keep 'so what-ing' it to get the message right.  Take it down to a much deeper level.

6. Process- Only after we do the pain and pleasure, the process says 'here's how'.  Get into what people are thinking about and worry about versus what you offer.

7. Pink Spoons - When you think of pink spoons, you usually think of Baskin Robins.  This is about giving people a taste of what you offer, and what it is like to work with you.  Give them an experience of a benefit of working with you.  This can be a free consultation, going out and giving a talk, or even YouTube videos.  This isn't about telling about what you offer, but instead giving people a little taste.

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8. Proposition - Then you can say 'would you be interested hearing about this', rather than shoving it down their thoughts.  What are you going to offer them?

9. Price - Setting the price for the what you're about to offer.  You just have to make sure you're doing all the previous stuff before you get to this point (which most people skip).

10. Possibility - How will the world benefit from what it is you are offering people.  You don't want to just end with the price.  Great marketers put out the possibility behind the price.  You're basically saying 'imagine after you've taken these steps, you're getting them to see that after they've taken this action, how will you be better, your family be better, or even the world a better place.'  It's usually a 'what if statement'.

This is about ending it big.

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More About Sherry:  Sherry Prindle, the Jack of All Trainings, is a professional difference maker. She has delivered over 3,000 corporate training seminars and 400 keynotes in 40 topics over 15 years across all 50 states and 6 countries in 3 languages.

A Certified Master Coach Trainer, Sherry conducts Life Coach Certification classes via webinar and within organizations as owner of the Professional Coach Academy. She helps coaches and speakers with her Brand Yourself on Purpose marketing program and solo-preneurs with her radio show, Make Money Making a Difference.
Co-author of the 15 Winning Ways to Better Living, she has an M.A. in Business and Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington and a B.A. in Communications and International Relations from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri.
She lived in Fukuoka, Japan for four years and Moscow, Russia for three years successfully working as a multilingual television and radio personality. She conducts energetic, interactive training programs that prompt discovery, motivation, and change.


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