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Entrepreneurship Was Never My Dream, But It Became My Life

I was raised in Wisconsin on a dairy farm and watched my father work his life away.

When I discovered I was great at math and processes, I did what every girl does and studied Computer Science and Information Systems in college.

After graduating, I landed a job with Accenture. When I asked for $35,000 and they offered me $42,000 my world was rocked.

However, everything changed when I witnessed my first round of layoffs. I realized that gone were the days where Corporate America would take care of me forever.

After reading 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad,' I decided I needed to own. I went to Real Estate school at night and started investing in real estate and using my day job money to fund it.

My Love For Animals Set Me On My Path

After investing in real estate across the country, at just 27, I ended up living in-between Dallas and Phoenix, owning a home in each.

When I started to settle down, the farm girl came out in me, and I became active in dog rescue.

After I moved to Dallas, my (now ex) husband needed a job while he worked on his PhD.

After not getting a phone call for someone to care for my dogs, I asked an important question. Who else wasn't getting a call back?

I then started a pet-sitting business, thinking it would fund my real estate investing.  However, it turned into so much more. Within 4 years, only working it part-time, we were a mid-six figure business with 12 full-time employees and had bought out two of my competitors.

I taught myself marketing, SEO, networking, and blogging. And I'm not going to lie, I Googled half of my way (okay, so maybe all of my way) through that business.

I was able to sell my first business after five years, and moved to my next venture, which was spray tanning.

Within 8 months, I had seven employees, was located in six salons, and had mobile services all over Dallas. We hit our first 5-figure month came just one month later.

And Then Everything Changed

After being told I couldn't have babies, I found myself with a very unexpected pregnancy. 

Yes, my business was thriving, but I was spending all day either driving around training my employees, working jobs, or networking. These weren't ideal conditions for a mom of four-legged and two-legged children.

As I was getting my second business ready to sell, I had so many people asking me how I did. Or they told me they wanted to start a business, but they just didn't know how.

And the lightbulb went off to start The Starters Club.

The 'secret sauce' to all of my businesses has been about understanding how to align content and social media marketing.

Since then I've had a second child, sold my real estate investment company, and launched ES Events (formerly Entrepreneur Summit).

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to become great business owners through education and consulting.

I believe having it all isn't a myth, but my reality, and I would love to show you how to achieve it!

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