Building an online business can require lots of different tools, and the choices can be overwhelming.  Here’s a list of the items in my arsenal.  And yes, full disclosure, I do affiliate some of these, and I get paid on some of the purchases you make.  However, I do personally use every single one of these listed, so I’m not promoting simply to make money.

All-in-one Bundle: If you’re looking for a solution that will cover website hosting, landing pages, email marketing, membership sites and course creation, plus video hosting, hands down go with Kajabi.  I have actually created an entire training program that will help you get your first website and product created.  If you purchase Kajabi utilizing my affiliate link, I will give you access to that entire training for free.

Individual Needs:

Website Hosting: – I’ve utilized many different web hosting, and I have to say Bluehost has been the best.  Are they perfect?  No, I’m not sure you’ll ever find one that’s perfect.  However, they have saved my butt many of times, and I’ve been very happy with their customer service.

Landing Pages: – So I spent a long time trying to justify paying for something like Leadpages.  My logic was just questioning how hard it really was to build an opt-in page.  However, after using one I built on Optimizepress and switching to Leadpages, I saw a 20% INCREASE in my opt-in rate.  Same exact text, but I just used their format.  Ever since then, I’ve been a pretty big believer.

Membership Sites:  OptimizePress –  So I know there are a lot of options when it comes to this, but honestly, I’ve had really good luck with OptimizePress.  I tried a few others, and found them to be confusing, and not great for someone who isn’t quite tech savvy like myself.

Another option, which I’m excited to try out is AccessAlly.  The only caveat to this, is that you need Infusionsoft in order to be able to set all of this up.

Email Marketing: – The first one I recommend for those who are starting out is  It’s a great price point, and it offers a lot of great functionality.  When you’re first starting out, you really don’t need something crazy right out of the box.

Personally, I’ve made the switch to Infusionsoft.  I’m warning you, it’s robust, and there is a lot to it.  However, it’s going to depend on what your business needs.  Don’t jump here before you’re ready.  However, this is a really great tool for when you get to that point.

Webinar Hosting: I’ve been a WebinarJam user since the beginning, and I have to say I really like them a lot.  They sit on top of  Google Hangouts, which is pretty simple to use.

Pop-up Software: When it comes to gathering email addresses, you can use something simple like an Aweber template.  However, for a bit more customization options, without a headache, and the ability to control pages, etc, PopupAlly Pro is my go-to plug-in.  I tried a couple of others before, and this has by far, been the best for me.  Love the flexibility, and I love how it’s easy to use for someone like me, who doesn’t like to get down and dirty in code.